When the rain stopped, and the world was perfectly quiet
That was when we parted.
You smelt like sunshine and wild grass
And I couldn’t stop breathing you in.
I locked all the doors and shut down the windows
Of our invisible home between crossroads.
Nobody was allowed to leave, not yet
But both you and I knew, spring was over
And this is our last goodbye.

Only if I knew this was it, I would have cherished
Every moment, every heartbeat
Every little crevice near your eye, when you smiled
Every time you sighed and every time you lied.
But my feet aches, walking with you on this path
There’s too much gravel and too much dust.
Shuffling, crawling, twisting
I want to stay. I want you to stay.

This rain keeps washing me away
Like mud on the bottom of a shoe
And our moments are shorter than the days
That linger in-between these thunderclaps.
I have hidden your face under my eyes
I have dissolved your essence faintly, within my being.
You are a teary-eyed ghost that I look for in the sky
Some days you’re purple and pink
And on some, you’re a blazing orange, setting fire to the horizon.
But before you break away into the clear blue sky
Keep me close as you wash into the tides
To remember of the day we parted.




Written by Ananya Rudra for MTTN

Edited by Shivangi Acharya for MTTN

Featured image by pride_nyasha

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