My Favourite Notification- Day Eight of NaPoWriMo 2022


My phone chirps
one new notification pops up,
the calendar icon next to it,
Good luck on the first day of college!
I’m more nervous than enthusiastic.

Surprise lunch for parents’ anniversary
A reminder of the times before
A reminder of the home-cooked food and family meals I miss.
Yet dining with friends is full of mirth,
a fascinating new experience on its own.

Remember to bring ma’am’s gift
the notification brings back memories
of my favourite teacher from sixth grade
“Mistakes are stepping stones to success” she’d often say.
Only if there was someone, who’d preach the same now when I need it the most.

C’s mother’s party (secret)
this notification stings.
How long has it been since I’ve spoken to her?
My precious middle school companion
when did we lose touch?
I know Narratives are meant to shift and pass
But it still hurts.

Let the prank wars begin!!
A notification that makes me laugh.
One week, two friends, three years of infinite laughs and screams
Reminds me of times I was carefree.
The times when only fun was to be found.
I wish we could go back to then.

Sister’s surgery must go well
Takes me back to the scariest time
we made it through, not unscathed
It was hard, uncertain
But yet we persevered.
It serves as a reminder that no matter what darkness engulfs me,
I’ll only grow stronger.

My phone chirps, yet again,
the calendar notification,
the source of solace throughout the year
surely for the years to come as well.

With a reminder of everything that has happened
I’m more excited than worried
for everything that’s in store.

Written by Namitha for MTTN

Featured Image by Yatra Vasa for MTTN

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