Nourish my Ardour, Set me Alight

Storming out of my residence,

I rush in the deathly hush of the night

To meet my love in confidence.

Our rendezvous was somewhere

We could bask in Providence.

I sprinted across broken roads and the forest dense,

Running harder with each step,

Yet, I feel lighter than the leaves blown whence

I get closer to her lair, her realm.

The atmosphere’s anticipation was tense.

Now the sprint felt like I would turn to spray

Lost in your murkiness condensed.

My intuition’s glum. Am I being led astray?

By your mercurial waves, Am I lost in your overhang?

For dear, I’m entangled in your locks, but maybe I’ll stay.

I’m caught in your spell, yet I pray to you

To make me drift like the wind

Over your curvaceous arches. Oh, you’re so cruel,

You have held me captive while I was liberated

From my hot, dreary employer urbane.

As if all this weren’t enough,

You pierce through what’s left of me

By remaining indifferent, cold. I feel stuffed,

Slowly dropping like a stone submerged

In your raging rapid’s bubbling trough.

As I venture farther into the dark, I find

That you’ve finally decided that this test was enough.

Light trickles down your veins of green, making me unwind.

Finally, I feel myself. Yet, I am drawn to your plateau,

Post your reckless torment – you and me, we are now bind.

Spent, here I lay at your pleasure,

Right where you want me, at the zenith.

All it took was one glance to burn in ardour,

And you stand pretty – meditative and majestic,

While my soul is ripped apart, now your prized treasure.

Maybe I’m still alive, but I’m still pining,

Waiting for the flames to consume me,

To reduce me to ashes, nourishing

Your eternal fertility. For now, our conjugation

Stands complete. Our state is now everlasting.


Written by Saurav Das for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Ayan Nag 

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