Reconciliation of Compliments


Young, frail, bewildered, offspring,

In the wake of a world,

With malice- mortally corrupted,

Unbeknownst to evil evident, comes into existence with an empty chalice;


Met with pain in plenty, or kindness thankfully,

It shall fill its cup with the answers of life,

The cup duly reflecting, the youngling’s character;


As the hands of the clock pirouette, 

While seconds glissade to minutes, 

A lot of the cup’s contents will be left behind by the novice like,

Sad memories, lest lament later in life;


Life will inculcate, and the child shall ripe,

How to fill, and empty the sacrosanct chalice,

Thus lies the mechanism of life, a cycle of dawn,

Following eminent rise.


Written by Yoihen Elangbam for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by Aashi Saxena for MTTN

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