Skies Unraveling – Day Thirteen of NaPoWriMo 2022


Dark cloudless night,
Beacons home,
Forces pensive reflection.

The moon stands out,
As an incomparable beauty,
Centre of focus and attention.

Amongst the dreamers,
Lie those who dream,
With eyes open
Reflecting on the cosmic dance.

Deep blue canopy,
Inspires and awakens,
Questions arise in rhythmic periodicity.

Over 13 billion years in the making,
Quark by quark,
Adding to the magnificence we see today.

Stars, dwarfs, planets,
Galaxies, clusters, mega clusters,
Adorn this cosmic giant.

Our place as humans,
Not even a drop in the ocean,
Yet, we with temerity continue to muse:

Where Do We Come From?
What Are We?
Where Are We Going?
Written by Aricia Bahl for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Aarathi Mohandas for MTTN

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