Spring Love

Spring, the meat between your McDonald’s burger, the conversation after a fight, the jam in jim-jams, the glances between painful sobs laced with the slightest giggles over the absurdity of it all, the season between winter and summer. 


Spring follows cold, harsh winter. When you’re left alone, all you can see is yourself and only yourself, covered in thick white fog, where you can’t be heard or found, but you try, you scream. 


Help! It’s cold, and I’m scared.

Why won’t you put yourself in my shoes! 

It’s so cold. 

I wish you understood me more.


Driven by rage, the scene set to hurt anyone who steps on stage, coldness surrounds, engulfs, and blinds you. 


How could they do that to me? 


Anger boiling inside of you, yet the coldness is unbearable.

We are tricky beings; if humans could be angry forever, the world would’ve stopped when we were still stuck inside caves.

A subtle catalyst, did you see their favourite car whizz by on the street, did the aroma of that one specific chai they like find its way to you? Sometimes it’s just that holding on to anything for too long gets your hands tired; letting go looks easier than the effort to hold on to anger.


I don’t care anymore. 


Little glimpses of laughing together until you cried, glimpses of hugs that feel like they could heal you from the inside. Maybe it was silly to hate someone so significant over the nitty-grittiness of life. 


That’s the thing about hard solitary snow. It doesn’t last. Even the Arctic gets a chance to have a midnight sun all through summer. A smooth beam of light, a pierce through the snow bringing the idea of reconciliation. 


I miss you


Spring is the moment between chaos and peace. The transition without which summer wouldn’t be the sweet release it is. Spring is a chance to take winter and make something beautiful out of it. 


I’ll do better 


Spring comes in all her forgiveness and beauty that you can see in others. The ice melts, and so do you. Flowers of love grow from hard conversations, and the sun shines brighter with every apology note.

I’m sorry


In the end, when it’s love, that’s all it is, a series of winters and brighter summers with a spring that bridges the both. Take your spring, and make it worthwhile.

I love you.

Written by Aarthika Srinivasan for MTTN 

Edited by Ishita Sharma for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Adam Doyle


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