Where’d All the Time Go? — Day Seven of NaPoWriMo 2023

Where’d all the time go,
It flees so fast,
One moment we’re radiant kids,
And the next, we’re mesmerized by our past.

We used to walk to school,
With a fat school bag and no-worries in our minds,
Now we rush to classes with just a laptop,
But peace is now something hard to find.

Those days of playing games,
And laughing at silly jokes with our friends,
Are now replaced by professionalism,
And a volley of assignments and deadlines that never seems to end.

It seems like only yesterday,
We were playing in the park,
But now we’re seeking a purpose in our lives,
And staying up, red-eyed, well-after dark.

Just yesterday, we were licking Popsicles,
And eating cotton-candy with our parents at summer fairs,
Now we’re drinking our sorrows away,
And looking far and wide for someone that cares.

The years flow on so quickly,
Like a tsunami that just won’t slow,
A tsunami that destroys our childhood,
To make room for us to grow.

So take a moment to appreciate,
The time we have here,
For it’s gone sooner than we think,
And then we forever look back with a soul-chilling tear.


Written by Kenneth Stephen Dsa for MTTN

Edited by Akanksha Banerjee for MTTN

Featured Image by in.pinterest.com


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