Resurrection – Day Twenty Nine of NaPoWriMo 2021

Resurrection is archaic for “miracle”,
The pinnacle of impossible.
So much so, that it was synonymous with a change of status;
A man to a God and a woman to a witch.

Resurrection is modern for resilience.
There are no three days of mourning and the Sunday of happiness.
You don’t get the last supper or the friendship of Judas.

What you get, is a façade of farewells and promises, choices, and the feeling of victory.
The defeat is not as obvious or treacherous as that by Judas.
It creeps on the unknowing, slithers under the mask of ignorance.
Just like resurrection is preceded by death; so is resilience, by defeat.

Resurrection isn’t a luxury, it’s pertinent.
It isn’t a choice, it’s obvious.
In a world full of hurt, it’s inevitable.

We may not become Gods in future stories,
The efforts may even pass unnoticed,
But the spirit of survival makes us human, makes the miracle possible.
The spirit of survival makes us resurrect.


Written by Siddharth Dwivedi for MTTN

 Featured Artwork by Anagha for MTTN

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