Sky—Day Four of NaPoWriMo

Wandering along paths unknown,
I watch clear cloudless skies anew,
Solid azure paints me hope
As pleasant thoughts: engulf
my silent desires.

Sauntering off to places unmapped,
I watch the vivid colours at play;
Hues of blue and mauve:
Leave me in a blissful fantasy—
Conquering seamless horizons afar.

Lost, I stand on a deserted land,
Amidst darkness and in shivers;
Streaks of lightning flash across,
with ceaseless echoes
of roaring thunders.

Countless days of tireless travel,
Only to see luminous lights;
Gelid winds storm—
Magnifying the dynamic green aurorae;
Undisturbed, I fall into a reverie.

Ambling back home,
with pure equanimity,
The twilight tints, hint me more:
More quixotic shades of sky,
More quixotic shades of life.

—Written by Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN

—Featured Image by Vidhisha Deo


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