Speckled—Day Eight Of NaPoWriMo


“Speckled shades of scarlet and sapphire,

did they blend to form flames of a fire?


Splatters of chrome and crimson,

how did they stem from my imaginary prism?”


That night, all sense had ceased to exist,

and two lovers were out for a tryst;

chaos and pleasure, their names were called,

who brought with them, stories that remained untold—


—Every gulp of sorrow, supposed to be the last,

dug deeper into his wounds etched in the past.

Childhood memories of their disregard troubled his youth;

his neglected evening rebellions took him further from the truth.


Searching for solace in the form of people still,

mannequins replaced the empty spaces he couldn’t fill;

souls of those dummies had long lost their sincerity,

under the influence of the cruel world’s barbarity.


Eventually, he too lost what he couldn’t find,

with him, his spirit no longer remained intertwined;

what was left was a body with rare regret,

accompanied by waves of shiver and sweat.


Occasionally, he thought of the people he had let down;

thoughts which even his bottle of bothers failed to drown.

With no choice left, he hung onto closure,

in pills that’d let him out of this enclosure


—As speckled shades of scarlet and sapphire,

formed flames of a fire,

he saw his life burn.


~Written by Chintan Gandhi for MTTN

Artwork: Third Ear Experiment 2 by Bryan Lewis Saunders

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