A Spring Day


 The trees are all dark brown and white.

On the other side of the country road,

she sits on a black wooden bench which is partly covered in snow.

She smiles at the children playing in the snow, while sipping her coffee.

The lines on her face as evidence of her mature glow.


She sees two red-cheeked young girls, holding hands

and in an instant the image sends a shudder through her,

this time, hitting her harder than before.

Almost two decades have gone by

and still she can bring back every detail of that day in the crowded street.


Spring had made its way in, cutting through the blue bleak winter.

She was seventeen, still confused and naive.

Little did she know that her visit to Quebec, would become one of her most treasured memories.

She had no idea that her first love would walk towards her in a mulled wine colored dress.

Her first love, a girl who was as pretty as a puschkinia,

as tall as a tulip, with cheeks as red as a rose and hair as black as a raven.

She felt herself being attracted to the girl, with a force she had not experienced before.

Their story commenced with shy ‘Hellos’ from both ends.

Every moment they had spent with each other shone, and they loved every bit of it.

She smiles and blushes like a kid,

whenever she takes a walk down this memory lane.

They were just a year apart, yet they were like caviar and champagne.

She would never forget those seven days of their whirlwind romance,

especially the day when they spent hours together in the province of Old Quebec.

She still remembers her soothing voice, her dewy hazel eyes, almost as if she was breathing into her.

She is brought back to her present by the chilly winter breeze.

She gets up to leave for work and runs as fast as she can having spent twenty minutes reminiscing about her past.

As she gets up on the bus, she can’t help but wonder how things would have been if they had decided to stay together.

Sayantani Saha for MTTN

Photo credits: Nishant Sahoo, Sagnik Talukdar, Akshat Chourasia for MTTN

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