Stand Out From The Crowd

There’s this huge throng
With which you’re walking along,
But you wish to be different from them all.
You wish to stand tall
You want the world, you want it all.

To have the crown for outwitting them all,
You must give your best,
You must give it your all.
For you know such crowns are few,
And that it’s not just for you.

Don’t think of failure, for even if you fail one day,
Don’t you dare stop, come what may.
For you need to keep going ahead,
Let the right choices have you lead.

Never settle for less,
Even when everything seems to be a mess.
Not once shall you pause,
It’s for your own good cause.
‘Cause you want to be the best,
The best of this throng, the best of them all.


Written by Archisha Kalra for MTTN

Edited by Andrea Xavier Gonsalves for MTTN

Featured image by Tumblr/wild oak design

Artwork by

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