Starlight – Day Twenty One of NaPoWriMo 2021

The sky of the night whispers in my ears,
Reiterates to me my greatest fears,
With the moon shining bright,
And the stars coating the night,
What devious grip subdues my soul,
Why does the beauty not make me whole?

Ah, such was life, I do recall,
Till the day, on my eyes, starlight would befall,
Though not from the sky, but from the being of my love,
The starlight delivered peace, with the tenderness of a dove.

The light of your soul illuminated my life,
The innocence of your glance ended my internal strifes,
With the grip of the devil loose, I could lift up my head,
Life finally gave me purpose, a reason to get out of bed.

I apologize to the countless stars that glitter in the night,
For they could only dream to shine as bright,
For starlight isn’t always a celeste’s creation,
Even a gaze is enough for this heart’s elation.

In the ephemeral beauty of a shooting star,
Billions of humans, watching from afar,
Wish for what they most desire,
As the star burns away, amidst its own fire.

I saw one fall again tonight,
And as my mind captured that beautiful sight,
It looked like a wish granted,
Yet this time that practiced incantation wasn’t chanted.

“A happier life, a better tomorrow,
A reason to betray, the harrowing sorrow,
A reason to live, a reason to be,
To find the puzzle piece, that made me, me.”

To wish for it, was now futile,
For I could say with a toothy smile,
All this and more, I had in abundance now,
Blessed with all the happiness that the world would allow.

From carefully weighing my wishes, waiting for stars to fall,
To having starlight take form, fulfilling each and all,
I thank the stars, the starlight, and the divine,
For a piece of a star is mine.

And her brightness illuminates my life like no other,
She’s one in a billion, and there’ll never be another.

Written by Aditij for MTTN

Featured Image by Swarupa for MTTN



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