Starry Night

Beneath your dark eyes, there must be light

Just like above the darkness, there’s a starry


I’m not sure if either is real,

Yet my eyes keep searching, my heart tries to feel

I’ve tried all my life to look at the stars

On the tips of my toes, I stand, but they’re still too far

I look in your eyes, my fingers touch your skin,

Where I expect warmth, the cold seeps in

Maybe I can’t see the stars because of where I stand

There’s too much light here, I need a dark land

I look up at the sky, a few more stars I see

But I’ve lost my way now, it’s too dark to breathe

The faint light of the stars show the promise of more

But if I wander further, I’ll lose everything, and what for?

Hoping against hope, I look into your eyes

I’ve come so far for you, why won’t they shine?

How longer should I wander to see my starry night?

How longer should I bleed until you show me your light?

I realize that you’re unable to hear my endless plea

And this starry night I believed in, I’m unable to see

I turn around, back to my own light

Though it’s artificial, it shines pretty bright

I dress my wounds, I will no longer bleed

I’ll be my own warmth, you I no longer need.

Rukmoni Balasubramanium. 
This is our first winning entry for NaPoWriMo 2017. On the prompt “stars,” Rukmoni writes this brilliant piece on lost hope. Rather, the poet tries to tell us how there is hope beyond which is already lost.
The Poem was illustrated by Upasana Kumar from the MTTN Art Team.

About Rukmoni:

“When she isn’t reading or listening to rap, Rukmoni is probably zoning out, travelling at a million miles per hour to galaxies that have yet to be explored. She zones out so much that she forgets the people in front of her, but her friends mean the world to her. Sometimes she thinks solely in metaphors, but life’s a dream, isn’t it? “
Further two winning entries will be featured this weekend. Watch this space for more.

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