Structure – Day Sixteen of NaPoWriMo


Should there be a format,
A loose retelling of sorts?
From where we stand now;
That takes a great lot.

A great lot of care;
To go by what’s been done.
To follow the past;
Because then, they won.

A safe choice to choose,
A well-trodden path.
And when you know it’s worked,
You’re certain of the aftermath.

But also, don’t be afraid to stray,
Into the woods, or along the lake,
Just because no foot lay there before
Does not mean a path you cannot make.

Find your own quiet place,
Within the din of the forest.
Let the canopy not contain you,
Seek peace among the unrest.

And the path will always be there,
You may find it again someday.
Wander, do not get lost,
Laud the views along the way.

And one day that forest
Will not be trees and land.
That path may be a road,
Cemented with concrete and sand.

On that day, we will look
Back from where we came.
Structure behind us, barren before us
Nothing can ever stay the same.

Written by Mahia DeSylva 

Artwork by Ankita Shenai


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