Student Plaza and the Colosseum

Wandering round the Student Plaza, looking at the blues above,

Admiring the structure and the pillars made me think of,

The majestic imagery of the colosseum in my mind,

The gladiators battled out while their blades would grind.


Romans seated, the theatre all surround,

As the trumpets of entertainment begin to sound;

Masses behold the clash out,

Their duel was enduring without a doubt,

As the mist cleared, silence throughout,

A single sword falls down ending their bout’;


Smeared ichor on screens that shatter;

As the victor extends to help the other,

Minding him of his fallen brother;

Musicians played their victorious chords,

Reasons unexplored -extended disaccord,

All this violence to entertain the overlords;


The Student Plaza being only structurally similar,

The glory here being of peace in particular,

As I stand amidst the turbulent crowd,

Brotherhood is all I hear aloud.


Written by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by Swaroop Diddi for MTTN

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