Tender Love

Passing the test of time and eras,
Are the stories of men and women in love
Why then is it said to be as tender as a feather that can be broken easily by just a little bit of force?
Is there strength in the tenderness of love?
Is there wrath in the tenderness of love?
Is love even love when it’s not tender?

Tender does not mean breakable
Then why is affection considered to be weak?
For it is affection that really keeps us human,
And affection that makes people do inhumane deeds

But oh, my friend, don’t you mistake a tender heart for being weak
And don’t you think there was never love in a heart that is now bleak
For it is the strong who are such as they are,
Only because they have been weak

But they aren’t heartless, they all have a tenderness hidden in them
So that the misery of the world doesn’t take that away from them
For it is theirs, and theirs to keep

Written by Archisha Kalra for MTTN

Edited by Anushka Das for MTTN

Featured Artwork by Yion Yi


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