The Forbidden Vacation

“The real voyage discovery consists not in seeking view, but in having new eyes.”

The words of Marcel Proust echo in my ears as I open my eyes with the utmost reluctance. Opening the balcony doors to let in some fresh air, I notice that the city is still asleep. The dimly lit streetlights line the cityscape, making for a perfect view. The air feels chilly, but there is a sense of comfort and hope in it that keeps me alive.

Watching the Sun leave its horizon, I could feel the sleepiness leave my body as well. I could feel the rush of adrenaline flow through every single vein in my body. The warm red rays bounced off the swimming pool below, making the water seem like glitter. I am thrown into an image of my own. Feeling on top of the world, figuratively, of course, I listen to the call of every bird at play. Tall towers and tiled rooftops, but not a body on the street the contrast is bizarre. Morning joggers usually dominate the tracks, but where are they? 

Mesmerized by the azure sky, it reminds me of being on a beach, the waves crashing against the shore and the birds chirping away in the sky. I’m disappointed to find that it’s just my alarm, which I would have snoozed for another half hour if I was still sleeping. I question myself, have I ever woken up this early? I used to pull all-nighters twice a week but I have never before been this awestruck by the arising dawn. My stomach grumbles for breakfast and I am brought back to reality.

I run down to my favourite place at home— the kitchen. I am dressed in fresh clothes and high spirits, but I’m aware I’m going to go back to bed and re-watch Breaking Bad. I open the refrigerator to get some milk and butter to go with my toast. The cold air from the fridge makes me want to stand there longer this summer morning, and I open the freezer cabinet as well. This habit is never going to get old. I did it when I was four, and now I am nineteen, but the satisfaction is just the same.

The coffee and toast don’t suffice my hunger, as my stomach grumbles for more. An omelette sounds great at the moment.
As I crack the egg open on the frying pan, the sounds of the bubbling egg make me get butterflies in my stomach in anticipation. The warmth from the stove and the desire to eat more makes me start craving hot soup and noodles even though it’s just 7 AM. Lost in my thoughts, I’m suddenly reminded of the omelette. The steam from the frying-pan seems endless. Maybe I should flip it around and add some seasonings. As soon as I put the omelette on the plate, I look at it proudly. I made it without burning the kitchen down. I might be getting ahead of myself, but am I ready for Masterchef finally?

I sit on the dining table and eat my omelette. Not bad for an amateur, I think to myself. As I devour it, I wonder what I could possibly do next. Placing the plate in the sink, I have no idea how to spend the next hour, let alone the whole day. I wander aimlessly around the house and finally step outside to go to the garden. That’s when my eyes fall to the garage, and suddenly, an idea pops into my head. I remember how the paint cans had been stored in the garage, and how the washroom door could definitely use some touching up right now. 

I stand in front of the garage door and feel myself putting all my strength into pulling it up. Once it’s finally up, I take a deep breath and step in and look around and find the paint can placed on the highest shelf. I think to myself, maybe it is time to try out my rock-climbing techniques once and for all. I put my leg up on the second shelf and cheer myself on. The paint can is on the fifth shelf, and while it might not be far, it seems miles away. I step on the third shelf, only for me to slip and fall.

“Why did I not see that before?” I mumble to myself as I look to the ladder placed next to the shelf. Placing it against the shelf, I start climbing, extremely carefully so as to not give myself a concussion this time. I finally reach the top-most rung of the ladder and I grab the paint can and a few brushes. 

As I make my way to go and fix the door, I stop in my path. I stare at the wallwhere I frame the photos from my adventures. From the time I went scuba diving to the time I went star-gazing. From the beaches to the mountains and to all the road trips with my family. I stand there reminiscing the good times and sigh with a heavy heart. After all, it’s not easy to sit inside when the whole world is waiting to be travelled.

Written by Kaavya Azad and Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN
Featured image by Aditya Pichholiya for MTTN

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