Universe- Day Twenty Two of NaPoWriMo 2021

The universe is a mystical thing
It has its ways of doing everything and setting up things into motion.
It can be generous enough to provide you with what you attract
However, it sometimes won’t be so easy.
It’ll test you and throw you in uncertainty but still help you to come out of it, only if you desire to.
It’ll teach you that the only thing certain is uncertainty and give you anxiousness but still help you feel better, only if you will.

The universe is a mystical being.
With its vastness it surrounds everyone.
The universe is in you, the universe is in me, and we all are a part of it as well.
Isn’t that strangely beautiful?
All the thoughts and feelings you possess
And all the experiences you live are all planned by the universe.

Sit and wonder at this pretty cosmos,
It can be pleasant if you wish it to.
With its miracles, it cradles you in its lap,
Like a mother who tries her best to give all her love,
And like a father who might be stern yet affectionate towards his children.

Look at the multitude of people and marvel at the place you have,
Look at the beauty if you want to feel beautiful
Feel the love if you wish to be loved
Appreciate the resources if you want peace of mind in your universe
For what you give is what you get as it travels its way in the universe and comes back to you as it’s yours.

Written by Archisha Kalra for MTTN

Artwork by Nikita for MTTN 

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