You Too


Your reticence hurts my ears,

but not as much as it was hurting my heart.

With the silence, I know you heard it.

The many shards of my heart,

sharp as glass, unappealing.

As each day passed by,

my hands reached for the pieces.

They pierced my skin,

as I desperately tried to place them back into one.

I’m so close,

for there’s just one more fragment.

But there was nothing else left to place.

I turned to glance at your beautiful hands.

There, you held the missing piece.

Confused, I reached for it but

you wrapped your hand around it.

Terrified, I shut my eyes.


I didn’t hear the shatter.

Instead, you gently held on to it.


Artwork by Apurva Bandyopadhyay


My eyes reached your eyes,

and I saw.

The pain, the hurt, and the sadness.

You didn’t want this to happen,

as much as I did.

A single gaze brought back,

every memory I wanted to forget.

You took my hurting hands,

and we place the pieces back.

You took a shard from me,

and I took a shard from you.

For you’ll always be a part of me,

as I’ll still be a part of you.

For these outside forces may have won right now,

but we will end up with the crown.

And as I turned away with my Frankenstein heart,

I heard you whisper,

“Thank you”.


-Written by Alankriti Singh for MTTN

-Artwork by Apurva Bandyopadhyay

Image credits: Google Images

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