Completely Comical: The Abhishek Upmanyu Edition

For a campus filled with aspiring stand-up comedians, it’s no surprise that renowned comedian Abhishek Upmanyu’s show Thoda Saaf Bol was an absolute stunner.

Hailing from Delhi, the young comedian is known for his quick-witted humour aside from his punch-filled one liners, and rapper-like deliverance. Amassing over 380k followers on YouTube, the jovial and fun-loving Abhishek now works in association with the Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai.

On the 17th of October, 2017, Las Viegas Comedy Club, in association with Comedy Club Manipal, hosted the Manipal chapter of Thoda Saaf Bol. Due to the overwhelming response received, an extra show ran later that night, and both were equally packed. The shows were held at a most opportune time—the end of MIT’s dreaded sessional. Perhaps this was also a major contributing factor to the show’s reach, but the question remained—would Abhishek make people regret skipping designated DeeTee night?

Each show spanned a duration of one hour. The first one was scheduled to start at 6:30 P.M. but ended up beginning only at 7; the same delay taking place with the second show as well. On the plus side, the large and noisy crowd didn’t seem to mind the delay—something that they dealt with as a part of The Manipal Experience. The audience was finally satiated once the show began, and Upmanyu did a marvelous job at keeping them entertained for an hour and half non-stop. Coming to the show, Upmanyu managed to cover a range of topics in a short span of time. Among various others, the topics included criticism of entertainment programs, English being a messed-up language, and the incorrect interpretation of feminism across the country. Though hilarious, the general structure of each piece was similar—he would start with a personal experience holding comedic significance, and then build on that to send the message to the audience. Unlike most stand-up comedy shows, this one left everyone something to think about and ponder over once the curtains fell.

On asking those exiting the hall after the first show, the general consensus was that the show was worth the long wait and almost everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Additionally, there’s no doubt regarding the kudos that the organisers deserved for managing the refreshment counter with skill and tact to have kept the waiting audience at bay. Hands red from clapping, throats sore from screaming gleefully and jaws aching from laughing uncontrollably, the audience got more than they had asked for.

Tushar Machavolu, for MTTN.

Picture Courtesy: Anmol Rathi, Jyotinder Singh, Pranav Prathipati and Denisha Ved.

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