Laughter and Cheers Aplenty: The Daniel Fernandes Edition

A much awaited night of endless laughter in a hall full of university students during exam season, Daniel Fernandes’ show at Manipal was a delight from beginning to end.

Starting his career as a stand-up comedian at showcase gigs and open mics, Daniel Fernandes now performs at sold-out shows across the country. His whimsical approach to social issues is what makes him stand out from the plethora of Indian stand-up comedians. With performances at Canvas Laugh Club, The Comedy Store, and High Spirits, he has managed to make himself a prominent figure in the Indian stand-up comedy scene. A marketing agent turned comedian, the hilarious Daniel Fernandes never fails to charm the crowd. At his recent show in Manipal, he proved himself once again.

Organized by UnTied Laces at Fortune Inn Valley View Hotel, Daniel Fernandes performed for Manipal on October 25th, 2017.  With great opening acts by Shubhang Yadav and Arjun Sharma, the crowd was already bursting into laughter before the main act had even begun.

Daniel Fernandes’ hour-long show filled with punchlines and comical audience interactions was everything the people had hoped for. For most people in the audience, an hour of endless laughter didn’t seem to be enough. Discussing the life of doctors, dealing with relationship issues and telling the usual Goa stories were just a few of the areas he covered. His subtle satirical take on themes like sexual harassment, racism, and feminism had managed to make the audience think without them even realizing it, something that Daniel Fernandes deserves an applause for. With audience members from across all the colleges in Manipal, he managed to magically connect to each person at the show. The struggles of medical school, the depressing 9 P.M. curfew for culinary students and the typical life of engineering students, every single joke had managed to strike a chord at least somewhere amongst the audience. An enthusiastic crowd also added to the overall joyous experience. By the end of it, he’d made sure that no one left the show without a good laugh.

A few years back, no one could have imagined that comedy and topics like politics and racism could have gone together without controversy. For a country whose exposure to these problems mainly relies on mainstream media, Daniel Fernandes beautifully manages to incorporate these themes into his act. Whether it was his subtle social commentary or his relatable struggles he’s faced throughout his life, he definitely succeeded at giving the Manipal crowd a night of light-hearted pleasure. His jokes landed well and he managed to floor the audience with them. Yet another brilliant show put together by UnTied Laces and surely a comic-packed performance by Daniel Fernandes, Manipal had finally gotten what it was waiting for: a lively night of good stand-up comedy.

– Sushanth Reddy, for MTTN.

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