Say What: A Name You’ll Never Forget

Growing up, one of the hopes you must have held out is hoping for your friends to not make weird nicknames for you. It never worked well, since there was always something or the other your friends would find to make fun of you with. It could be your name, surname, or just something you fancied. While it was all fun and games, sometimes you’d wish for a different name. But what if you got to change your name? Would you change it to another name, probably known by people, something which was common but at the same time, you can’t make fun of it in any way? Or would you pull a prank on others by changing your name to something hilarious?

Joe Lycett, a comedian, changed his name to Hugo Boss after the fashion firm threatened to take legal action against companies as well as charities that use the word ‘boss’ in their name. It’s safe to say that he inspired people with his actions. One of the examples is a man from Gosport, United KingdomDeano Wilson, 39, who changed his name to Fire Exit. He paid 17 Euros to have his name changed and will have to pay an additional 75.50 Euros for a new passport if he wishes to travel abroad.

In an interview with The Sun, a tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Ireland, he told how his friends and family laughed when told about the name change. They also mentioned how he’d finally done the funniest thing ever, and that this was genius.

“People laugh at me when I say someday I’ll be so famous, the whole world will recognise my name. So what better way to do so than having my name in lights in every building, in every country, in every language all over the globe? Every subway, school, corner shop. Everywhere, my name in lights,” he mentioned in the interview. “No matter where you go, my name is illuminated. Even when there’s a power shortage, emergency backup keeps my name bright and lit.”

The audio and visual installation engineer, now known as Fire Exit, wants to change his profession to stand up comedy, and this seemed to be the perfect way to kick start his career. He proceeded to click photos in numerous angles with his new name, showing it off. 

“Everyone will run to me in an emergency and people will look for me to feel safe or if they need a way out,” he mentioned. Without context, this could be a sweet gesture, until you see his name. That’s when you understand what he truly means, and it would crack you up, even in sad moments.

“This, to me, is the height of comedy and stardom. I will prove to everybody who didn’t believe me that I will be famous,” he said. 

In a time, where people are naming their children COVID and Corona (you can look it up if you don’t believe me) it’s a challenge having to find the perfect name for your child. What if they grow up only to hate it? Well, thank God, you can always change it in the future! Whether Mr. Exit will regret the name change or not is not something we can tell right now, but for now, he wishes to have a meet and greet with his fans and put his autograph on fire exit stickers as well as signs.


Written by Kaavya Azad for MTTN

Featured Image by The Sun

Image Credits by Mirror UK

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