Say What: Bread or Bride?

This lockdown has proven to be something that is disrupting everyone’s lives in a major way.

 While people are advised to step out only to get essential items, they are also meant to be practicing social distancing. After the country’s initial nationwide shutdown came to an end on the 14th of April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced another lockdown that was meant to be in effect until the 3rd of May. 

The lockdown has given people time to take a break from their normal lives. Although nobody wanted this kind of a pause in their life, it gave people the opportunity to do creative stuff. While some picked up an old hobby and tried to get better at it, others tried their hands at something new. It also had people spend some quality time with their families and loved ones. The best way to fight the pandemic was to stay at home, the least which people could do. 

Amidst the many restrictions that have accompanied the lockdown, people were given permission to step out and buy essential items. Many grocery stores were allowed to be kept open for a few hours during the day. People were meant to strictly follow the rules of social distancing while stepping out of their houses. This included wearing face masks, wearing gloves, and maintaining a distance of two meters from the other person.  

In these strange times, a peculiar incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Sahibabad district. A man had gone out to buy groceries, but instead, he returned home with a wife! Yes, you read that correctly. On the 29th of April 2020, Guddu went out to get some groceries for his home. But when he returned home with his wife, Guddu’s mother denied both of them entry into the house.
Well, that does sound fair enough.

Every Indian mother likes to see her kids lead a happily married life, but returning home with bae instead of bread is not something that she would dearly appreciate. Following this, Guddu’s mother set off to Sahibabad police station in order to lodge a complaint against her own son. She was not ready to accept this marriage. 

When the police questioned Guddu as to why he did this, he said that he had married Savita (his wife) two months back at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Haridwar. But at that time, they could not get their marriage certificate due to a lack of witnesses. Guddu said that he planned on revisiting Haridwar later to obtain the certificate, but he could not do so because of the lockdown. 

Guddu’s wife, Savita, used to stay in a rented apartment in Delhi. After their marriage in Haridwar, Savita continued to live in her apartment but at the end of the month was told to leave the rented place. She had nowhere to go. Thus, Guddu decided to bring her to his mother’s house. What followed was an angry mother lodging a complaint against her own son. Furious and betrayed by her son, she refused to accept this marriage. In the end, the local police asked the landlord of Savita’s rented apartment to let the couple stay there until the lockdown ends.

This incident did get a fair amount of attention on many social media platforms. People on Twitter reacted to it by talking about how it took some of them a considerable time to find their better half, while all this guy needed was a trip to the grocery store. Some just seemed to be amazed by such an incident taking place, that too, during the lockdown. Many also asked about the address of this store, where such miracles would take place. 

Well, the government had given permission to step out for essentials. A better half is indeed an essential for humans.

Many men who were supposed to be a bridegroom and whose marriages were scheduled in April, had to cancel their events because of the lockdown. While they were waiting for the government to lift some restrictions, they were taken aback when they came across such an amusing incident. After all, who needs dating apps when all you need is a visit to your local grocery store?

Well, if nothing, this incident would be a sweet story for Guddu to tell his children. “Well, there was this last jar of Nutella on the shelf, I reached out to grab it and so did she. And that kids, is how I met your mother.”  


Written by Shreyes Srivastava for MTTN
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