Nawaazish ’18 : RedBull Tour Bus Manipal

RedBull Tour Bus Manipal

The Red Bull Tour has showcased a hip and unique way of spreading their love for music while on the move. They have challenged the way live concerts are conducted all over the world and carved a niche among music festivals while breaking stereotypes about the idea of on-stage performances. Having covered more than 60,000 km, it has entertained more than 250,000 crazy fans all over India. It has been on its musical journey ever since 2013 and comes packed with all creature comforts including a set of six bunk beds with a complete music system that includes the Pearl drum set, a Hercules Keyboard, Marshall amplifiers and all the other bells and whistles that the artists require for when creativity strikes. This weekend, it has set its eyes on Manipal, with an exciting lineup consisting of the indie rock band Pentagram led by Vishal Dadlani, and the Bangalore based trap music artist GURBAX, raring to set fire to the stage on top of this one of a kind tour bus.


The rate at which college bands are formed has only grown in the last two decades, but their deaths due to an uncertain future have also been a ride on the negative exponential slope; worse if the genre they associate with themselves is rock or electronic. Pentagram, however, since its inception in 1994 has carved its way to pioneer the independent music scene in India. The four-member band consists of Vishal Dadlani handling the vocals, bassist Papal Mane, Randolph Correia on the guitar and Shiraz Bhattacharya with the drums. They started off by sweeping some of the significant rock competitions in IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Bombay out of which Mood Indigo landed them a record deal. ‘We’re Not Listening’, ‘Up’ and ‘It’s OK, It’s All Good’ are a couple of their studio albums as the band saw a transition from rock to electronica and later on even cover renditions of Depeche Mode, The Prodigy etc. The likes of Shankar Mahadevan, Javed Akhtar, and Farhan Akhtar have worked in collaboration with the band. The individual members despite being actively involved in the Bollywood music industry have toured all across the country doing over a 100 live shows every year before their hiatus in 2014. They came back at the NH7 Weekender in Pune in the last month of 2017 to announce their revival. The fans are in for nothing but an exhilarating performance as the RedBull Tour Bus parks itself in Manipal on the 24th of March.


When an artist refers to trap music as ‘the lovechild of electronic and hip hop music’, it’s pretty clear that he aims to bring something new to the stage. And yes, Kunaal Gurbaxani, popularly known as GURBAX, has proven his calibre in experimenting with music. Initially a metal head, he discovered his love for bass music when he started experiencing the depth it produced and decided to share his profound love for it by performing his music for the everyone to hear. At the age of 24, he hosted his own crowd-funded music festival for the single, Boom Shankar. Highly popular on every trap music fan right now, Boom Shankar can be described as a track providing profound homage to Lord Shiva, a visceral experience that takes the person to a higher realm of thought. The track’s immense reach propelled him on a path that led him to open for the likes of Marshmello and Steve Aoki. A growing figure in the DJ scene in and around his hometown Bangalore, GURBAX doesn’t believe in absolutes when it comes to music. He is now more focused on breaking the boundaries between electronic and other genres. With plenty of surprises up his sleeve, we await the birth of new fans for him, when he comes to Manipal on the 24th of March to start a revolution on top of the RedBull Tour Bus. In the meantime, grab your speakers and jam to the tunes of the Lord with the Trident in Boom Shankar. It is, after all, complementary to Aghori.

Written by Abhishek Mishra and Sanjay Kumar

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