Invictus: Day Four

Invictus forged ahead with all the momentum it had gained in the last three days, which seemed to have passed by in a blur of fast-paced excitement. The fun and competition remained as exhilarating as ever.

Dance Face Off

The competitive spirit on the fourth day of Invictus at KMC Greens was surging at a phenomenal rate. The events began on a high note with the dance face off competition. Each participant was paired with an opponent with whom he or she had to compete on stage until being declared victor of the round. Music was played on the spot with no preparation time being given to the participants. Judgment was based on the skill, expressions and attitude of the performers. The judging criteria also included the shout out each participant received from the audience which made it all the more exciting for the spectators. The judges ran into indecisive dead ends multiple times as the performances were so close to perfection. At one point of time, the judges took it upon themselves and suggested old Tulu, Hindi and Marathi songs to test the wit and adaptability of the participants. Thus the all-inclusive event ended with the declaration of the ‘unconquered champion of dance’ at Invictus 2018.

Instrumental Solo

Musical instruments are an extension of human acoustic capabilities. Through instruments, we try to bring transient order to the otherwise chaotic noise nibbling at our senses. The solo instrumental performances at Invictus brought a similar experience to its listeners. From classical instruments like the mohan veena being accompanied by tabla and keyboard to a drum solo, the event had a diverse lineup aimed at providing a perfect Invictus experience to the audience. Electric guitars and drums playing heavy metal made their ceremonial appearance. The show ended with a beautiful rendition of the Titanic theme song on the acoustic guitar. The audience enjoyed the show, sitting on the grass with their peers, savoring their ice golas and cheering for the participants.

Fashion Show

Yet another day, yet another array of breath-taking performances. The bustling Day 4 of Invictus’18 was brought to a fashionable end with the Fashion Show underway in KMC Greens. With just three slots, this event managed to attract a decent crowd as the evening breeze calmly swept over them. Based on the theme ‘Elements of Nature’, Slot 1 put up a captivating show with their stunning costumes and sassy moves. Next up, Slot 2 brought in a fairly new theme ‘Circus’ with eccentric costumes, giving the audience a good laugh, but a classy one nonetheless. Last up, Slot 3 brought various cities of the world like Paris and Las Vegas with all their attractions and exotic allures to Manipal. Their magnificent poise, stylish ramp-walks and eye-catching costume designs were undeniably the highlight of the evening at Greens.


Cartooning is an event which tests participants on their artistic versatility and spontaneous creativity. Their ideas on the topic ‘Privacy’ were satirical, humorous and simultaneously pleasing to the eye. Big Brother references, caricatures of Zuckerberg, CCTV cameras, and the pitfalls of living in an extensively digitized world were portrayed with subtle style, which you couldn’t help but be amused by.

JAM – Just A Minute

If you think that there is no one better than you at talking sense, no one who can come up with the wittiest remarks in the shortest time, and no one better at spotting linguistic errors, then the JAM session held on Day 4 of Invictus was the event you must have looked forward to. Hosted by India’s number one JAM Master Mr. Hormuz Ragina, the session was one which kept the participants thinking on their feet, and onlookers on the edges of their seats. One-of-a-kind rounds like Just Half A Minute or JHAM, a rhyme round, and a round where four-letter-words and words beginning with ‘P’ were prohibited (the topic being ‘I saw a pink, polka-dotted, pig in Paris’), were understandably difficult, leading to some hilarious moments when everyone in the hall was raging with laughter.  The topics ranged from jocular to tongue twisting stumpers. The lively atmosphere was heightened by the continuous participation by the audience and the JAM Master, keeping the ambience of the auditorium exuberant. The session was an amazing experience for all, regardless of their prowess in the world of JAMing, managing to pique the interest of everyone present in the art of JAM.

Trifecta Quiz

Harry Potter, Star Wars and Game of Thrones, the three series that would make every fan geek out over their prolific command over their particular fandom, was the perfect combination for the trifecta quiz held on the 4th day of the Invictus at TMA Pai Hall from 5pm. The quiz was hosted by Sourabh Srinivasan and Armaan Ahuja, both veterans in the field of quizzing. The quiz consisted of two rounds- the preliminary and the finals, for which only six teams qualified. The quiz was fun not merely for the participants, but also for the many fans sitting in the audience, enthused about testing their knowledge of their favourite fictional worlds. In a world full of jocks and internet famous people, the quiz was the perfect way to acknowledge the quirks, and perks of being geeky.


 – As reported by Vinay Reddy,  Rohan Basak and Shrey Srivastava.

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