Revels’18 Day 2



NLH 204, 1:30PM-3PM

An event organised especially for all the hard-core Potterheads, the penultimate round of Mischief Managed organised by Iridescent was held on day 2 of Revels. The event was a team event with contestants sorted into teams with a sorting hat. The goal of the game was to strategise. Players had to use judgement, permutations and combinations to come up with spells of varying power and properties to defeat the dragon. The game was inspired by the Triwizard Tournament. The final round is scheduled to take place on Day 3 of Revels.


NLH 204, 3PM- 4:30PM

The teams of two, also known as criminal masterminds, were made to perform five mini-tasks. The first one involved two teams facing off in a game of deceit. Each participant had to look at an image, and describe it to the opposition. Either they could lie about, or tell the truth. The opposition then had to guess whether it was true or false. The next task was ‘esrever’, which is ‘reverse’ backwards! This task tested the teams’ ability to spell words backwards. The third task was target practice. Each team had five chances to throw a ball at a human target, and would score the most points for hitting the head or arms. The fourth task tested the ‘criminal’s’ ability to forge documents. The teams had to memorize a document within a given time limit, and reproduce it as best they could. The final task was to guide your fellow blind-folded team member through a maze. The catch was that they had to say the opposite direction of what they actually meant. The winners of each task were given a clue to a riddle that all the teams had to solve at the end of the event. More the clues, easier the task!



NLH 304, 4PM- 5:30PM

Lie to Me Round 2 saw a flurry of fun activities. The contestants had to complete three main tasks. The first task tested their expertise in the classic card game ‘Bluff’. Another task required them to either lie or tell the truth about a bizarre image, and their opponent had to guess whether it was indeed a truth or a lie. The final task involved a series of rapid-fire questions, an event that required a lot of wit and quick-thinking. The next and final round is sure to be a nail-biter, no lie!


NLH 305, 4PM- 5:30 PM

In Round 2, the contestants were waiters for the evening, and got a taste of the chaotic atmosphere surrounding a restaurant. The waiters in the ‘Pizzeria’ had to take multiple customer’s orders and memorize the items, along with their serving size. Every time a customer placed their order, they asked the waiters to perform a small task. We saw many waiters trying the hula hoop, and others reciting the alphabet backwards. To create even more chaos, loud, annoying music was blasting through the speakers throughout the event. The waiters also had to memorize the key ingredient in each dish, so that they could cater to customers with allergies. Overall, it took an immense amount of patience, dedication, and memory skills to successfully complete the event. The six finalists are sure to have an even more tough time, as they go head-to-head tomorrow.


NLH 304, 6PM- 9:30PM

Round 2 of treacherous ties, witnessed groups of four intensely discussing with each other. Each member of a group was given the opportunity to question a member of another group until everyone had questioned each other. Among the three questions asked, they were given the chance to lie for one. Based on the other’s body language and their answers when negotiated, the groups had to investigate who the murderer was. From this, one group will advance to round 3.



NLH 305, 1 PM- 3 PM

Day 2 of Revels’18 witnessed the first round of Paradigm Shift’s Extempore called Shipwrecked. Participants were given characters from movies, politics, or provided with a back story to an entirely new character. As these characters, they had to convince the captain of a sinking ship to let them live by apprising him of just how useful their skills could be.
“I understand your pain, dear Captain, whereas she just creates pain.”
“Cannibalism solves both hunger and overpopulation, I will cook them for you, Captain.”
“I’m pretty sure that if we asked him to swallow pieces of paper, gave him a laxative and then tried to read the words on them, it would make more sense than what he just said.”
“I’m Ranveer Singh, if there’s a hole in the world I’ll find it, if there’s a hole in this ship I will find it.”
The sentences quoted above were just some of those employed by participants to give themselves an edge. Needless to say, there wasn’t a sombre face in the entire audience and the walls of NLH 305 couldn’t contain its laughter.
What to expect tomorrow?
Round 2 will be a turncoat debate wherein participants will have to speak both for and against a topic within a stipulated time. It will be held at NLH 402.
Round 3 will be a round called ‘Hence Proved’ wherein participants will be given a rather radical statement which they must prove in a comedic manner. It will be held on Day 4.


NLH 402, 5PM- 9PM

Although there was a slight delay in the commencement of the event due to technical difficulties, the performance by the participants did not fail to cheer the audience up. Round 2 of Faking News moved from written reporting to field reporting. The participants were required to use humour as their dominant theme and commentate on a short muted clip from a movie played in the background – a scene that was not particularly happy.

What to expect tomorrow: Based on their performance today, three of the five participants advance to the third round, a fake press conference.



NLH 203 , 1PM

Defying House Stark’s belief of only the pack surviving when winter strikes; the lone wolves of the quizzing circuit across Manipal and the southern part of the country gathered to their skills of calculative guessing and deduction to test, attempting a quiz organised by Pranav Iyer, the quizmaster for the afternoon. Questions ranged from all the domains of quizzing such as entertainment, sports, history and world affairs. The top twelve individuals proceeded to the on-stage finals with Achintya Sharma from MIT securing the first position.

What to expect tomorrow? The general quiz catering to enthusiasts from all facets of the knowledge is scheduled to take place at 1 PM in the MV Seminar Hall.



MIT Quadrangle, 4PM-6PM

This horribly delayed event, organised by dance category Footloose, was an eastern solo dance event, attracting a slightly underwhelming audience. Both intra-MAHE and outstation teams usually participate in this event, with around ten registrations this year. This event ‘redefined traditions’ by seamlessly fusing electronic beats with strictly Indian dance styles.


Library Auditorium (LA), 6 PM- 9 PM

Even though there was a delay of only one and a half hours, the audience was pretty forgiving as it was worth the wait. Two of a kind was the event where teams of two dancers grooved and jived to peppy Bollywood and EDM (electronic dance music) tracks. With each performance end, they set the bar higher for the next one. The dancers got loud cheers of appreciation from the energetic crowd, as they moved their bodies to the rhythm of the music. Out of all the twelve teams, most of the performances in round 1 were hip-hop and contemporary based. Round 2 of the event was impromptu, where the dancers had to improvise.



NLH 303, 5:30PM- 9:30PM

This was the event to be in for all Bollywood maniacs out there. Antakshari had five rounds for all the thirty-six participants who were in teams of two. The event was filled with interesting Bollywood related quizzes, which had a different kind of twist in each round. In one of the rounds, the participants had to guess the name of a song through the emoticons provided to them.

“I’m contented with the turnout this year, it’s pretty decent!”, remarked Chetan Sharma, the event head.


NLH 202, 1:00-3:00 PM

After a delay of almost forty-five minutes, the event Bujhovala began with the event head explaining the rules of the competition to the participants. The event comprised of a written set of thirty-one questions that were based on general knowledge. Event head, Shivam explained the reason behind the delay, saying, “We had a registration of around ten teams at our info desk, and it’s a little disheartening to see that only four of them turned up, but we couldn’t have waited any longer than this.”

He also went on to explain the elaborate four tasks based second round that is supposed to take place tomorrow. Sadly, they’ll probably have to cut down some rounds due to less participation. 


IC Stage, 3:30 PM

The stage in front of the Innovation Centre was yet again bustling with a huge crowd gathered to witness the participants who made it through the first round.’Faisla’ by Prakhar Bansal and ‘Astitva”by Vansh Tiwari were instant hits among the audeience as they cheered and applauded the efforts of each contestant motivating them to deliver their best on stage. The second round revolved around Riwaayat, bringing out the creativity of all the poets across Manipal. Ravish Kumar’s poem about the Syrian sacrifice and massacre of children, exposed the real face of war and also bagged him the first place in the event.



NLH-202, 3:00PM

True to its name, the event had participants enacting a particular dialogue sequence in teams of four, with each team member individually representing a different emotion. Those in attendance were then asked to guess which emotion each person had displayed, as a measure of determining the quality of their performance.
Notably, the Judge gave a masterclass performance himself at the very beginning, pretending to be furious about the delay in proceedings and threatening to walk out of the room, only to perform a complete turn and claim “the judges are also great dramatists”. This amused the audience to a great extent and set the tone for an amazing event.


NLH 403,6PM-8PM

This event showcased multiple performances with about 45 participants divided into groups of four expressing an array of emotion.The contestants were given a choice to take part in three different sub-categories namely Freeze Tag, Scene Replay and Dubbing.The packed classroom was overflowing with emotions as the teams acted out bizarre situations.The numerous sexual innuendos and sneer comments left the audience begging for more.



NLH 102,4:00PM

Imagination and camera expertise would go hand in hand at this event, where participants would be given a specific theme on which to base their photography in any creative or unique way, without having the ease of processing them, in a 24 hour period. Those who represented their given theme in the most detailed manner will progress to the second round, where the constraints on photography become increasingly tougher.



NLH 202, 2PM-4PM

Round 1 of Table No. 21 under EQ-IQ saw a moderate turnout for an aptitude test based on popular entertainment. Eight teams will advance to the finals, where they will be given a scenario to enact and assume character roles. The third round will consist of a pseudo-Pictionary competition. According to the event heads, the turnout was decent with around thirty people participating in the preliminary round. The participation was well-rounded, with a number of interested people showing up for the carefully curated event.



IC Stage, 5PM-7PM

Just when Manipal thought that the sun had set on the second day of Revels’18, the IC stage lit up for Crescendo’s showstopping event, ‘Serenata’. Originating from the word ‘Serene’ which means calm, Serenata showcased talented singers from across the country in this lively event. Almost 15 students contended for victory. The event gathered a number of people as they heard their favourite songs being sung in front of the busy NLH area.



NLH 404, 4:00-6:00 PM

Day 2 of Revels saw the second round of the event, Chunin Exam take place. The first round had a huge turnout of almost fifty participants, out of which a total of nine teams qualified to participate in the second round. The task required the teams to go inside AB-2 in three different slots and collect scrolls hidden all around the building with the help of the clues provided to them by the event organisers. The idea was similar to that of a treasure hunt with the teams emerging with the maximum number of scrolls proceeding to the next round. Event head, Craig Louis said, “Round 3 is still a secret as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the participants but we promise they won’t be disappointed.”



MIT Quadrangle, 4PM-6PM

This event saw barely ten participants, in the attractively lit quadrangle, walking the ramp in the final round. They answered a few cringingly generic questions about society and dreams and role models. Their evident confidence was, however, impressive.


IC Stage, 1PM-3PM

As a part of the ‘Su-Khoon’ campaign by Red Cycle in association with SCIO, an open discussion on menstruation was held today in front of the Innovation Centre. Topics that are usually hushed down now permeated through the active nucleus of the fest, explaining to everyone around that it’s perfectly fine to talk about it. The organisers spread the word in the most fundamental way possible, happy that both genders were sharing their personal thoughts and experiences. The discussion was lead by Suhana on behalf of Red Cycle, expertly steering the sensitive topic in a constructive direction. As a part of PreRevels, a survey was held in rural areas around Manipal, in association with KMC, to assess the situation of periods in these households. The results were presented at the inauguration two days ago, and based on this, an educative distribution drive will be held in the following days. However, Revels is just phase one and Su-Khoon looks to ‘fill the void’ that society presents when this topic is generally hidden under the carpet. The name itself is a play on the Urdu word, meaning peace of mind, and its positive connotation in Hindi, truly bringing the change to ‘bleed without shame’.


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