Revels vs Goa: The Ultimate Conundrum

With Revels just around the corner, there is no better time to take that much needed getaway and go to Goa. After all, spending four to five thousand rupees on a Sunburn concert is more economically feasible than watching the same artist perform here. In fact, Manipal’s party lifestyle is incomparable to Goa’s. Booze, beaches and babes—Manipal has none of them. Absolutely none at all.

We all know the artist line-up. Benny Dayal, the voice behind all our favourite songs; Anish Sood, the performer from Tomorrowland; Sahil Shah and Karunesh Talwar—the rib tickling comedians, and Karan Singh – one of the best illusionists in India. The more you think about it, the more you realize that absolutely no one would want to spend an exorbitant amount of ₹250.00 on five brilliant artists. Absolutely no one.

Another mind-blowing point that clinches the entire argument would be how anyone could attend MIT’s best fest at any time of the year. Winning contests, watching students from all over the country perform, getting really cheap food and having an almost if not completely free day—you could do it any time. Goa trips don’t work out throughout the year. Absolutely not.

Now for the final argument that would convince you to get away—you have a great chance of ‘getting some’ with the strangers you befriend there over your three day vacation. You know that classmate of yours whom you’ve been meaning to hang out with? There’s no way that’s going to happen if you stick around for Revels. I mean, the chances of two people from the same class making conversation while loitering around is extremely minimal. Also, if you’re a party animal, Goa is the place for you. Where else would you find incredibly cheap vices and get to be the extrovert that you are, if not at Goa? Not like a college fest lets you befriend people from other cities and party with them. In fact, I believe it was Gandhi who once told Nehru “Let’s go to Goa, bro. This Dandi March has made Kasturba salty. I need a break.”

So whether you’re a first year who wants to get away from the “pressure” of second semester, or a senior who has already made it their second home—pack your bags. Revels 2017 has nothing to offer that Goa can’t, for less money.

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