TechTatva’17: Behind the Scenes with Finance

Money is what runs any business, and TechTatva is no different. We bring to light the faces who deliberate, calculate and keep track of all figures. Presenting to you, MTTN in conversation with the Finance team of TechTatva, as they discuss the numbers and statistics of the four-day extravaganza.


MTTN: What does the Finance category basically do?

We single-handedly manage any influx of cash for the entire event, be it stalls, delegate cards, or workshops. The fest’s t-shirt stalls and Conclave tickets are our responsibility as well.


MTTN: How many members does your team comprise of?

We have one category head along with two, under whom we have 14 organizers.


MTTN: How many hours of work do you put in?

We’ve been working for the past 2-3 weeks. However, our main work lasts during the four days of the fest, after we actually receive the money.


MTTN: How hectic is your schedule during the fest?

During the fest, it tends to get extremely hectic because all the organizers are engaged in some work or the other, which is allotted to them by us. All the stalls are active as well, which increases our work-load tremendously.


MTTN: Do you think the budget given to TechTatva is sufficient?

Yes, we feel it is sufficient. However, budget-making does not fall under our area of work. We are not made aware of how much money the administration allots to the fest. We just deal with whatever cash comes in, anything that we receive from selling.


MTTN: Tell us about the problems that you face.

Sometimes, it can get hard to keep track of everything. There are so many things going on around the same time and catching up to the frenzy becomes a task.


MTTN: How is this year’s TechTatva different from last year’s?

It’s way more organized compared to the previous two years. It’s more systematic. Administration and management is certainly better than before. Everything’s on record.


MTTN: Any tips for the team succeeding yours?

Nothing as such, just be more responsible. That should suffice.


–As told to Drishti Sanyal for MTTN

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