TechTatva’17: Behind the Scenes with Operations

How would it feel, if for every little thing you needed during the fest, you had to run up to the administration? This is where the category Operations comes in. From managing the entire TechTatva schedule, to making sure everyone’s requirements are fulfilled, they do it all, and proudly call themselves the ‘backbone of the fest’. We, at MTTN, managed to have a quick conversation with them.

MTTN: Give us an insight into the working of your category.

Our work starts before that of any other category. We begin by conducting the organizer call, which is followed by preparing the schedule for the entire fest. Making sure that every event taking place has the required number of mics, projectors, speakers, etc. is also a part of what we do. We are the ones getting the results, updating them on the website, and arranging the certificates for the winners. Basically, if anyone needs to get anything done before, or during TechTatva, Operations is the category to approach. We are the category that coordinates with every other category of the fest and ensures a smooth running of all the events.

MTTN: What made you choose Operations as the category to work for?

The thing we love the most about our category is the diversity of the work we do. We get to interact with the most number of people, and we get to catch most of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ action. We are the ones who have a hawk-eye vision of the fest, and we personally believe that it is the best place to be in your college fest, since what you really want to do is learn.

MTTN: Do you have any message for the people reading this?

Yes. Come and participate. This is your college and this fest is yours. We work relentlessly for months to make this possible and it all goes to waste when the participation is so low that events have to be cancelled. These fests are something that we organize on our own and if they aren’t a success, then this reflects badly on all of us.

MTTN: Why do you think the participation was less this time?

The long weekend that coincided with the fest was definitely one of the main reasons for the less turnout this time, but TechTatva always has much lower participation than Revels. It’s a general perception in everyone’s mind that being a technical fest, TechTatva can’t be interesting. Moreover, a lot of the events require technical proficiency which is why majority of the student body shies away from participating in the fest. This can be overcome by increasing the number of general events like Acumen in which everyone can participate.

Also, we can try to get some famous personalities to perform during TechTatva as well, like we do during Revels. This would create some excitement among the students about the entire fest.

MTTN: How do you think the different categories fared this time? Did you face any hiccups?

We think everyone did fairly well. There were a few mistakes by everyone, including ourselves, but we’re all doing this for the first time so it’s excusable. We hope that we’ll all learn from our entire experience and things will go more smoothly during Revels.

MTTN: How was your overall experience?

This experience was something totally different from what we’ve seen before. At this point, we’re all sleep deprived, but we’re proud of what we have accomplished. We had a little more work this time than our category usually does, but in the end, it was a win for us since we’re the ones who learnt how to push ourselves to our maximum and deal with pressure in a better way.


–As told to Gaurangi Gupta for MTTN

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