To Revel or Not to

An unassuming first-year enters college in blissful ignorance of the formidable world of ‘adulting’ and ‘finance’ that awaits them. They’ve been counseled by every uncle’s neighbour’s dog and their mother to account for every single expenditure with a full-fledged thesis and four additional clauses on why it was a quintessential case of poor investment.

“Handle your expenses wisely,” ¬†they said. “It’ll be fun and simple,” they said.
The tragedy here lies in the fact that nobody anticipated just how much money you’d end up spending in a fest like Revels, what with an inviting spread of food stalls all across campus, a host of Proshow events to select from, and your own impulsive, lacking sense of self-restraint. Therefore, in the interest of the common folk, here are a few ways to be smart about your expenses this Revels 2017- featuring bonus methods to justify your broke self to your parents.

Scenario 1: It’s only the start of the month and your wallet is already beginning to look a little slim, as are your chances of engaging in any of the programs Revels has to offer. The first step is to factor in how much you’d realistically be spending throughout the entirety of the fest.

There’s bound to be at least a million and a half activities taking place, and the primal instinct would be to check them all out. Before you know it, you’re a mega out-of-control spendthrift with no cash left to blow.
College is hard; saving up and spending wisely is even harder.

All you need to do is purchase a delegate card worth Rs 250, and you can register for as many events as you’d like. Should you wish to attend any of the ticketed Proshow events, be prepared to shell out another 250 per head. All the other events will be absolutely free (yays).

Ensure, however, that the events you plan to go to are well-spaced, so you can arrive on time and make the most of opportunity. This could also mean that you’ll have to forgo-this may hurt a little (well, a lot)- Oreo shakes. They may be gloriously divine and taste what dreams are made of, but it’s just another inessential purchase that needs to be forsaken when you’re on a budget.

Scenario 2: You spend all your money on bhojan. There is wide conjecture that had it not been for street food stalls, college students would never find themselves perpetually broke. During the fest, we’ll barely find ourselves in the vicinity of a mess, naturally opting to eat out, and by extension, expend even more.
MIT Cafeteria provides a perfectly filling meal within a wonderfully reasonable budget; it’s almost too convenient. All you need is a little will power to not stray too far off into the confining smells of melted cheese; next thing you know, you’re settling a bill of 1200 at Pizza Hut.

College is where your friends become family. You eat together, take naps together, and you couldn’t imagine life without them. And then you realize, friends are that necessary evil that will mooch off all your cash and never return it. Maintain a record of how much you’re loaning to whom. Money is the strongest perfume; known to attract the most distant companions. Keeping track of your expenses will familiarise you with where exactly all your money is landing up and who amongst your buddies is the biggest scrounger, in addition to delivering a transient sense of responsibility.

Whether you plan on staying back in Manipal for Revels or holidaying off to Goa, there’s going to be a gargantuan load of expenses in store for you. It’s freakishly simple to start living beyond your means when you aren’t aware of your myriad reckless purchases, or how quarterly taxes function. Limit yourself to the absolute essentials until you can draw out more cash. Needless to say, this would be a widely different kind of withdrawal symptom.

Did you know you can avail student discounts almost anywhere using just your combo card? From MediCare facilities to library and cafeteria payments, this is quite a feasible recourse we should try cashing in on.

Finally, being a broke college student doesn’t mean you can’t go off on an adventure or thoroughly enjoy yourself at the most awaited fest of the year. You’re a broke college student. That is the adventure. If nothing else, put aside your monetary woes for a while; rest assured, your time at Revels 2017 shall be entirely paisa vasool.

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