Ginger Garlic – A Review

There are quite a lot of places in Manipal that provide savoury food for all of our culinary needs. But there are only a selected few restaurants here that serve more localised platters of seafood to satisfy our Konkan cravings. And Ginger Garlic, the newest addition to the Thamboolam Group located on the first floor of Hotel Sarah International is one among them.

An alumnus of Manipal Institute of Management (currently known as TAPMI), Mr Shetty is the founder of Thamboolam and the head chef of Ginger Garlic. “There is a lot more left to experiment with food. I started Thamboolam to bring the local seafood cuisine from the streets to inside the restaurant, to serve them to my customers in a more hygienic and hospitable manner”, he said about his new food initiative.

With quite a lot of dishes on the menu, including their famous Matke biryani, Ginger Garlic also provides the customers with the option of customising their dishes. “If a customer approaches one of the waiters and says, ‘I want the Chicken Tawa Fry to be cooked in sunflower oil instead of coconut oil’, we are willing to prepare that! We focus more on the service to our customers.”Their menu also brings the Tulunadu cuisine to the limelight, something that has been sorely missed in Manipal by the local people.

The first refreshment served to us was one of kiwi and soda which is bound to cool your body down on a hot sultry day like that of Manipal. Each of the dishes was laid down on the table for the photographers to take scrumptious pictures of the food. After thirty minutes of the photography session, everyone was seated on their chairs ready to gorge on some delicious food. Dilly-dallying for another thirty-five minutes, the dishes had finally arrived. Now, the real question awaits, was the food really worth the wait? There were some dishes for which the answer would be a delightful yes. Apart from this, there were dishes, which were slightly disappointing especially when the aroma was extremely appetising.

Chilli Milli prawns, Prawn green roast, Mackerel Tawa fry, Prawn spring roll are few of the most mouth-watering delicacies.
People who love tandoori and seafood will definitely adore Chilli Milli prawns. This dish has prawns coated in the masala which is used for tandoori chicken. The spice content of this dish can be moderated according to the need of the customer. Prawn spring roll was another match made in heaven. An entire prawn is used to prepare this dish. A particular dish called Merwai da adde, a preparation of shellfish and clams that isn’t necessarily bad but it gives out a bit of a bland flavour. Most of the clams in the dish were closed which caused a bit of inconvenience to the diners.




Ginger garlic is focusing on the seafood preparations of different states like that of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, and Kerala as of now. They might also extend their menu to dishes inspired from Bengal since their chefs are quite well versed.

Their oncoming seafood festival that is taking place from 14th to 25th of March is intended to be the spotlight on Thamboolam’s arrival to Manipal. With plenty of sumptuous dishes to choose from their seafood palette, this is a list of the signature dishes at Ginger Garlic that are sumptuous enough not to miss.

Written and Reviewed by Sanjay Kumar, Disha Acharya, Saynatani Saha, and Aishwarya Sanjay

Photographed by Manan Dhuri, Ateeq Rafiq, and Felix Isaac

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