Before You Ask: Freshers’ FAQs

Q.1) When should I arrive for my orientation? Is it necessary for parents to come along?

Ans. Arriving a day before the date allotted to you, according to your branch would give you sufficient time to prepare for the formalities before you attend the orientation. While it is not necessary for your parents to come along, this is the best time when they can visit the campus, hostels and explore the town of Manipal before you begin living away from them.

Q.2) Will I require a laptop in my first year? Will the college provide one? What configurations are recommended?

Ans. The study material for all your courses is provided in the form of PPTs and PDFs. Thus it is essential to have a device which enables you to access this content. The first year also requires the use of application software such as AutoCAD (Engineering Graphics), MATLAB (PSUC) and CodeBlocks (PSUC); all of which run only on laptops. If you are purchasing a new device, an i5 processor along with 4GB RAM stick should be sufficient. You can opt for higher-end devices depending on your need and interests. The college this year has decided not to provide laptops.

Q.3) Why isn’t the college providing laptops?

Ans. Since last year, the university has been conducting exams on tablets which will be given to every student for the duration of the exam only. This initiative has been taken to reduce the usage of paper and enable the transition towards digitising all activities in the campus.

Q.4) I have taken X branch and wish to change to Y after the first year, is it possible?

Ans. MIT provides the option of a branch change after the first year although it is extremely unpredictable. This option is subject to vacancy and usually requires a very high CGPA which may go up to as much as 9.8-10 for streams like Computer Science. We advise you not to rely solely on this. However, students have successfully shifted branches in the past, and it is achievable provided a vacancy is created in your desired stream.

Q.5) Will I be getting a university e-mail id?

Ans. Manipal provides a Learner’s id to all students which is bundled with Office 365 and a suite of powerful tools such as MS Office, One Drive etc. The Learner’s id can also be used to avail services which are exclusive to students such as a cheaper Apple Music subscription, Coursera, Grammarly Premium, Github Student Developer pack etc.

Q.6) How do I manage my finances? Which bank should I open an account with?

Ans. Manipal University issues a combo card in collaboration with ICICI Bank. This card serves as your identity card, ATM Card and Library Access Card. The account opening formalities are facilitated by the college itself, and you just have to furnish the required documents. It is usually done a day or two after the orientation procedure is done with.

Q.7) How are the healthcare facilities at Manipal?

Ans. Manipal University’s own Kasturba Medical College consists of a hospital which is fully equipped with state-of-art diagnostic and therapeutic departments to facilitate treatment of a wide range of medical and surgical diseases. It is also adept for advanced and sophisticated surgeries such as coronary bypass and open-heart surgery as well as kidney transplantation. A separate student clinic in the building caters especially to students of the university and can be availed at a very nominal fee.*

Q.8) How is the interaction of seniors with their juniors? Is there any fear of ragging?

Ans. For the initial month interaction between juniors and seniors is banned according to college rules. This helps the freshers’ to settle in, get accustomed to their schedules and academics and also build relations amongst their batch mates. While nobody can stop you from talking to a senior, but the university ensures no possible attempt at ragging can take place. It is altogether banned, and you will face no issues in this regard whatsoever. Manipal has one of the friendliest student communities in the entire nation, seniors are extremely helpful and guide their juniors in all possible ways.

Q.9) What scope of extracurricular activities does Manipal offer?

Ans. Manipal is particularly known for the plethora of opportunities it offers ranging from sporting facilities to technical student projects. Non-technical clubs cater to hobbies such as dance, music, debating etc. as well. Marena, a centrally-cooled sports complex is one of the largest and best-equipped sports centres in the country. It is equipped with dedicated courts and equipment for various disciplines, available at a nominal membership fee. Manipal also has several technical clubs and non-technical clubs which can be joined by any student regardless of their stream. There is no limit to the clubs you can join however it is recommended to restrict it to a number which doesn’t hamper your academics and daily routine.

Q.10) Can I apply for a scholarship after my first year?

Ans. No. Irrespective of the CGPA in your first year, Manipal does not offer any merit-based scholarships once you have taken admission into the institute. The only scholarships which can be availed are provided at the time of admission. You can, however, opt for student loans in various partner banks such as SBI, ICICI etc.


Written By Abhishek Mishra
Image Courtesy: Anurag Sharma


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