The Acronyms of Manipal

Manipal isn’t a big city, but our campus is spread over 230 acres of land and each part has its own unique parlance. With so many colleges, organizations and landmarks, names can get mixed up. So instead of memorizing the names, we choose to know the acronyms and abbreviations instead. Now, for a newcomer they may seem to be too many and too confusing. So here is a guide to help you understand your home away from home.


Manipal Institutions: With so many colleges and institutes, names can get too complicated. Most colleges here are instead addressed as an acronym.

  1. KMC

Kasturba Medical College.

Location: Kasturba Hospital is a sprawling structure across the campus.


  1. MCODS

Manipal College of Dental Sciences.

Location: Opposite the WGSHA


  1. MCOPS

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Location: Beside MMMC


  1. SOAHS

School of Allied Health Sciences.

Location: Across the road from the Centre for Basic Sciences


  1. MMMC

Melaka Manipal Medical College.

Location: Beside New International Hostel


  1. WGSHA

WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration.

Location: Associated with ITC and Fortune Inn Valley Hotel


  1. SOLS

School of Life Sciences.

Location: Located slightly away from the main health sciences campus towards the VGT, it is best known for housing the Planetarium and the Animal House


  1. MCON and MSON

Manipal College of Nursing and Manipal School of Nursing respectively.

Location: Adjacent to the Women and Labor Block entrance, Kasturba Hospital


  1. TAPMI

TA Pai Management Institute.

Location: The campus as such is secluded from the rest of this busy University town, and is located on Badagabettu Road


  1. MIT

Manipal Institute of Technology.

Location: Mighty Mighty MIT has a campus of its own that spreads over a vast and prominent area


  1. FOA

Faculty of Architecture.

Location: Within MIT campus


  1. SOC

School of Communication.

Location: Near Kamath Circle


  1. SOM

School of Management.

Location: Management Education Block


  1. DOC

Department of Commerce.

Location: On the other end of the MIT sports field


  1. ICAS

International Centre for Applied Sciences.

Location: Academic Block 5, MIT campus


  1. CIMR

Centre for Integrative Medicine and Research


  1. CBS

Centre for Basic Sciences

Location: The structure is often the first a Health Science Student notices in Manipal, as it lies right across the road from SOAHS


Hostels: With a student population somewhere around 28000, Manipal University has various hostels, most named after various Indian dignitaries. The following are a few of them.

  1. NIH

New International Hostel. NIH lies between the library and MMMC. Consisting of three blocks, it houses students from all over the world, belonging to various colleges in Manipal.

  1. CS

The acronym CS is used by some to refer to the Old Chanrashekhar ladies hostel, located right beside the EDU. These A/C hostels houses both Indian as well as foreign students of the Health Science colleges in Manipal.

  1. BQ and NBQ

Bachelors Quarters and New Bachelors Quarters are both located near Sharada court. They provide accommodation for PG students, staff and visitors.

  1. RT

Rabindranath Tagore hostel is located opposite the Nehru basketball court, on the road leading to the post office. These provide accommodation to male students of the health science streams.



Restaurants and Food Courts: Now that we’ve covered shelter, let’s get to our favourite necessity: Food. Whether your pocket is nearly empty, or whether you are feeling generous enough to throw a party, Manipal has it all.

  1. FC

The KMC Food Court, or simply the Food court stands right opposite the EDU building and the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology. The ground floor is for an inexpensive, filling meal at the mess. The first floor provides a wide range of choices including Malaysian, Chinese, Mexican, Continental and Indian food, and of course burgers, pastas and pizzas.


  1. BQ:

The Bachelors Quarters mess and canteen are both located adjacent to each other, near Sharada court. The Mess offers a sumptuous meal along with a la carte choices. The canteen provides lip smacking vegetarian snacks, juices and milkshakes.


  1. CBS canteen:

Super affordable breakfast/ lunch eatery. Located in the Centre for Basic Sciences, right next to Interact, CBS canteen is the go to place for most that need a sumptuous meal when their wallet is being disagreeable.


  1. CTF

Stands for Chill Thrill Frill. It is a restaurant located near Syndicate bank. Well known for their delicious snacks and milkshakes, CTF is affordable and almost equidistant from both the MIT and the Health Science campuses.


  1. EOTT

Eye of The Tiger is a restaurant located in Hotel Green Park, opposite Corporation bank, near Tiger circle. Famous for its sea food, EOTT provides a fabulous atmosphere for partying, hanging out and fine dining.


Organizations: In a campus so culturally and ideologically diverse, Manipal has various organizations serving a wide range of purposes. Some are better known by their acronyms than their full names.

  1. MTTN

If you’ve got this far, you’re probably aware of Manipal The Talk Network. As we stated in one of our articles, MTTN is a media body centred on Manipal, consisting of a crew of 150 odd members, with one common goal – to present Manipal to the world.

  1. VSO

As per their message statement, the Volunteer Services Organization aims to develop the spirit of selfless service by responding to the community’s needs, addressing the issues of society, and developing the leadership and learning skills of the volunteers. The organization consists of staff, students and volunteers alike, working for the betterment of society.

  1. MUTC

The Manipal University Trading Chamber, is an online forum set up to facilitate trade in Manipal. Products and services alike can be purchased and sold on MUTC.

  1. Q&A

The Queer and Ally Network is an organization focused on issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community. Their objective is to turn this university town into a queer friendly space, and creating a collective voice for anything/anyone LGBTQ+.

  1. MRC

The Manipal Runners Club is an organization of students from various colleges across Manipal, united in their fondness for running. They organize various events, most notably the Manipal Marathon. They invite both, competitive and non-competitive runners to join and race to the finish line.


  1. MUSRF

Manipal University Students Research Forum aims to provide a platform for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for effective research. They plan activities and programs throughout the year, for developing research activities in Manipal.



Landmarks: Geographical positions are relative. “Relative to what?” you might ask. These are the acronyms for landmarks in Manipal.

  1. TC

Tiger Circle is one of the most iconic landmarks in Manipal. Tiger Circle is the reference point for the Health Science Campus, the location of every other structure is described relative to TC. TC is the destination for snacks, meals, grocery and stationary alike with its wide variety of stores and restaurants.

  1. KC

Kamath Circle is often described as the soul of MIT. From endless conversations to just lazing around, KC has provided unforgettable memories for students throughout the years. Though the structure that was Kamath canteen has now been torn down, the spirit very much remains, right here in the heart of the MIT campus.

  1. SC

As you drive up the hill, to reach our glorious campus town, Syndicate Circle meets you at the figurative gates. A left toward End Point, a right toward Manipal Lake or heading straight down into campus, SC is where the journey of Manipal begins.

  1. VGT

The Venugopal Temple is situated near the MIT exit gate, and epitomizes the cultural diversity expressed in Manipal. Built by combining the architectural styles of India’s major religions, the VGT provides an ambience of calm and bliss, away from the busy lives in the campus.



University Structures: In this campus town, along with hostels and colleges, the structures that help make the campus what they are can be easily referred to by these names.

  1. EDU

This is neither an abbreviations nor an acronym, but finds its place on this list due to the misconception that it is, the EDU is the main administrative building of the Health Science campus, and contains the offices of the various university bigwigs.

  1. MAP

The Museum of Anatomy and Pathology is located right opposite the EDU and the Old Chandrashekhar hostel. It consists of the Anatomy museum where the anatomical skeletons of various animals are on display and the Pathology museum where disease affected portions of the body can be observed. It is one of the largest museums of its kind in Asia and houses over 3000 specimens.

  1. SSC

The Student Support Centre is located opposite MMMC. It provides emotional support and counsel for students of Manipal. A completely confidential service, provided to help any students that wish to walk through their doors and share their problems.


  1. PED

The Physical Education Department lies diametrically opposite to the KMC library. It provides the sports supplies for some of the health science colleges.


  1. GD           

The Group Study room or the Group Discussion room is on the ground floor of the KMC library. The GD is the destination for studying, working and chatting. Rushing to reserve a table on crowded exam days is a must, and tables near electrical sockets get reserved the earliest.


  1. IC

The Innovation Centre is located near the MIT library. The MIT Innovation Centre works to inculcate innovation as a quality among students, faculty and people of the region. It provides opportunities and funds for those who wish to nurture vision and entrepreneurship.

Written by Ashutosh Sinha and Anushna Sen

Photo courtesy, Sonakshi Prakash for MTTN

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