Every small bit goes a long way-SWC feature

Helen Keller once said, “ Until the great mass of people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.” The Social Welfare Committee (SWC) is the philanthropic wing of the Student Council of KMC. It is an entirely student run charity organization that works to come to the aid of the less fortunate. With the newly elected head Aanvi Alakshya at it’s helm, SWC hopes to extend it’s reach beyond the boundaries of KMC with various new programs this year and the help of all the members of the team. MTTN had a chance to interview the head of SWC in an effort to truly understand the essence of social welfare.

MTTN: What does it mean, to be a member of the SWC?

Aanvi: Our committee stands for hardwork and goodwill. It’s a special forum because it allows people to do good for the community and for themselves.  It helps instill vital qualities that everyone must be allowed to experience and learn. Only then can they pass it on.

MTTN: What made you choose to be a part of the SWC?

Aanvi: Growing up, I’d always heard my parents say that there is no greater need than seeing your patient leave your care hale and healthy. The main essence of our profession is caring for and helping other people. SWC provides us a platform to help as many people as we can within our capacity. It allows us to make a difference in ways we couldn’t otherwise. Every small bit can go a long way.

MTTN: What are some of the programs that you hold?

Aanvi: The events that we organize are mainly fundraisers, to increase our investments in fields such as affordable treatments, subsidized education, orphanage care and more. Our most well-known programs include the girl child welfare fund and the scholarship for underprivileged students. We sponsor the higher secondary education of two students at the local government school every year. The money we earned from Sportzquake will go to that very scholarship fund.

MTTN: So, Sportzquake- what’s the story behind it?

Aanvi: When our seniors were brainstorming ideas that would help us raise sufficient funds, they wanted to host something that would give people an opportunity to do something that they enjoy while also contributing to the betterment of society. Sport is an attractive incentive. Sportzquake gives people a chance to be a part of a team and participate in a tournament. It’s a competition but it is played in a light-hearted and fun manner for a good cause. You come, play and help others as a bonus. It’s amazing that this year the Dean and Pro-Chancellor were kind enough to engage in a friendly match of cricket in support of our cause.

MTTN: What do you see in the future for SWC? Where do you want it to be in the coming years?

Aanvi: Well, right now we are concentrating on pressing issues like education, healthcare and basic sanitation. We want to raise awareness among the student body that our profession is about more than just running diagnostics and solving cases- it’s about helping people who honestly cannot help themselves. In the foreseeable future, I hope we expand beyond KMC’s student body and into a broader base. We want people to realize that while nobody can save everybody, everybody can save somebody.

The aims of the Social Welfare Committee are noble ones. Their work transcends the boundaries that separate social constructs like class and privilege. They’ve reached out and changed the lives of many people for the better. In the words of their new head, “We’re just trying to be a rainbow in someone’s clouds.”

Written by-

Rupa Neelakantan.

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