GPPed: An Interview With A Delegate, Mr. Desmond

Good Pharmacy Practice Education was hosted by the Student Exchange Committee of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in association with IPSF, MAPS, MAHE. The international conference witnessed delegates from various South Pacific countries like Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia including the chairperson of IPSF- Ms.Choi from South Korea. Amongst the several delegates who attended the four-day conference, Desmond, a research scientist from Malaysia who previously hosted the Malaysian GPPed, shared his views about the conference, the challenges they face in Malaysia and his experience in Manipal. 

MTTN: How does the Indian pharmacy system differ from the Malaysian pharmacy system?

Desmond: So, in India, once you graduate you get your license along with your degree but back home, we need to study for four years, then another year of training to get our license. [MTTN: Is the training in industry?] Ya, it could be anything. Clinical or industry. We also don’t have a separate manufacturing or compounding license. It’s just one pharmacy license and everything comes under it. [MTTN: including drug licensing?] Haha yes!

MTTN: Being a former member of the RWG and a previous host of GPPed, how do you feel about the progress of the project?

Desmond: Personally, I would prefer this one because the topics covered in India’s GPPed is more relevant to what I’m studying and doing right now. Actually, I’d say this one is by far the best one amongst all the ones that I’ve attended. Back in Malaysia we just touch the basics of hospital or community pharmacy and though I prefer this GPPed content-wise, I’d prefer the Malaysian GPPed in terms of hospital visit because we don’t have a lot of Ayurveda there.

MTTN: As a delegate what learning experience would you take home to share with your fellow members?

Desmond: I think I’d share the knowledge about vaccination with my peers. And the workshop on medication therapy was very informative. The talk on Pharmacoeconomics and Artificial Intelligence was familiar since we already learn about that in Malaysia. Back home we deal with home medication review (HMR) where we face similar challenges and the talk on medication review helped me get a perspective on how to handle the problems in HMR a better way.

MTTN: How did you like Manipal as a student community?

Desmond: I really love the place. All the restaurants are at a walkable distance! The hospitality is great. Everyone is really concerned about us, giving reminders. [MTTN: Well we hope you come back and explore India and we also wish you good luck. Thank you for sharing your experience] Thank you!

-As interviewed by Anushna Sen

-Photographs by Sanjana

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