Asterion: Day 4

Compos Mentis: Compos Mentis is one of the most renowned forensic events in the quizzing circuit and this year took place on the final day of Asterion 2018. The quiz which over the years has come to be associated with the highest of standards was for the first time, made by the students and not the faculty of forensic medicine, and thus along with Asterion, Compos Mentis had a new beginning. The semifinals were started early in the morning at 10 am with round one which encompassed investigation of the crime scene taking place in the forensic medicine department itself. The second round taking place in interact tested the teamwork of the participants as they had to solve their given cases and trust their teammates to review their answers and make necessary or unnecessary changes to their answer sheets on questions ranging from serial killers to doctor-patient relationship with all these topics being further connected to another answer. The testing tiring semifinals ended at 1:30 with the teams getting a half an hour break before 6 of the qualifying teams had to put their grey matter to use again in the finals which started at 2.

Presided over by Dr. Haneil L. D’Souza, Associate Professor of forensic medicine at KMC, Mangalore and a well-known quizmaster on the academic quizzing circuit, the finals were much more challenging for the teams to answer but much more fun for the audience present. With four rounds including 2 pounce and bounce, one image based round and one long connect round the taxing finals that stretched over two hours saw the teams go up and down the leaderboard answering questions not just straight out of the prescribed textbooks but also forensic trivia questions. The quiz ended with a team from KMC Manipal winning the first position and thus concluded the first edition of Asterion 2018 organized by Justitia, Cutting Edge, and Tempus Pretioso.


Closing Ceremony: Hosted by Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju and Abhishek Chauhan, the closing ceremony kicked off at 5 pm at Interact lecture halls. The guests of honour present at the event were Dr. Vinod Nayak and Dr. Vikram Palimar from the Department of Forensic Medicine, Dr. Vivek Pandey from the Department of Orthopaedics and Dr. Haneil D’Souza from KMC Mangalore. “Compos Mentis this year was truly unique. It is an incredible feeling that the next generation of doctors had a hand in planning it” said Dr. D’Souza. “I was unsure if Compos Mentis could actually happen this year. But Justitia made sure it did” said Dr. Vinod Nayak. The ceremony concluded with the prize distribution ceremony for all the competitions held during the course of Asterion 2018.

Written by- Shrey Srivastava

Photographs by- Bhavesh and Akshay

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