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With the second edition of Invictus having ended on a high note, we are treading on a journey to decode the secret behind the glam and glitz of this year’s Invictus. We got in touch with the stage masters who designed and directed every nook and cranny of the Invictus arena, to document their efforts and experience Invictus through their eyes. Here is what the Heads of Decor, Pritam Shetty, Amrita Patro, Arundhati Prasad and Sanya Parakh had to say –

This year marks the return of the Literary and Cultural Committees of KMC as separate entities. Was there some pressure to usher in the change with more grandeur?

Pritam: Yes, the two committees are back after three long years and it was an amazing experience to work in a committee that is more personalized. Although some amount of pressure and healthy competition did exist, it wasn’t only on us Heads.

What inputs did you adopt from last year?

Sanya: The work done by our seniors is highly commendable given that last year was the pilot edition of Invictus.

Pritam: Be it the center pieces at TMA Pai Halls and Greens which included extensive carving and lighting or the one near the fountain using woollen thread to spell out ‘Invictus’, and the lanterns adorning Greens, it was evident that we drew a lot of inspiration from last year’s design.

Amrita: We had a responsibility to keep up with the high standards that had been set by our predecessors, which we hope we have successfully achieved with the help and cooperation of our committees.

How did you feel when your creations came under the spotlight?

Pritam: Heavenly!

Sanya: It was one of the deepest forms of satiety that has ever encompassed me.

Amrita: The feeling was similar to what a mother feels when her kids perform vibrantly on stage.

We personally loved your decor. How was the reception from the crowd at Invictus?

Sanya: The biggest moment of happiness is when the audience appreciates our work. Although they don’t personally come to us, the awe on their faces when they look at the centre piece or the sight of people gathering around it to take pictures made us proud.

Amrita: When we went back to our room after a hectic day and scrolled through Facebook, we found our feeds filled with pictures of our creation with hundreds of positive comments. That was our moment of true joy.

After Invictus, your center pieces get dismantled and discarded. How do you feel about that?

Amrita: After Chaturthi, Ganesha has to be immersed. Creation and destruction are but a norm of the cosmos.

Pritam: We were able to come up with our ideas only because our predecessors let us. The same will be true for our juniors. Our work served its purpose and we’re contented with that.

How was your experience working with the committees and volunteers?

Sanya:  The Sports Committee is like my family in Manipal. Prepping for Invictus was like decorating our home for a festival.

Amrita: Invictus truly brings us all together and the joy of working in a team is beyond explanation. A special mention has to be made of our volunteers. They selflessly toiled hard to make our event successful without the slightest inhibition. We’re truly thankful to them.

Arundhati: It was definitely a very fun experience – days filled with doing something that I love, while working with a brilliant team. The main challenge was getting everyone to see the big picture, but once that was out of the way, it was smooth sailing.

Any words of motivation for the future teams?

Pritam: Oh, I want to be in the decor team next year too. However I would like to give a heads up about a few flaws and shortcomings on our part. Start early and manage time efficiently. Budget and plan every small detail.

Amrita: Plan intensively and pretest everything, from how thick the wood is to how strong a glue gun can be. Always work as a team and divide work as much as possible. Accept people’s abilities and push them only to a safe extent.

Sanya: The idea is to have fun and create something innovative, not just carve out intricate and flawless master pieces. Ultimately we are here to serve Invictus, which is not just any other fest. It is a celebration of KMC’s vibrant culture.

Arundhati: Go crazy. Bounce bold ideas off each other until you find one that sticks, then dedicate yourself to it and and don’t stop until it turns into the real thing.

– As said to Vinay Reddy


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