Invictus: Day Five

The penultimate day of the week-long fiesta allowed the participants as well as the organizers to take a bit of a breather with three entertaining events lined up.


Face Painting 

Art is an outlet; a window to aesthetically express our imagination.

The day kicked off to a colorful start with the face painting competition. It was a multilayered challenge where the participants had to project their impressions on the given theme – “The Inner Person”, using their team-mates’ faces as the canvas. The result was an amazing array of paintings depicting each participant’s interpretation of the topic –  ranging from the portrayal of emotions, good and evil to light and darkness. Some even used this opportunity to voice out their opinions on various mental health issues like clinical depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD. The precision and skill of the participants made it difficult for the judges to declare the winners.


English Poetry

An enthusiastic bunch of passionate poets gathered in the Biochemistry Lecture Halls, showing total indifference to the sweltering weather on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The participants were given a time limit of an hour to write on any of the given topics – “Darkness”, “Unconquered”, and “Refuge”. With Dr. Chethan Manohar from the Department of Pathology, KMC Manipal as the judge, the contestants then proceeded to recite their beautifully written pieces. The fairy lights adorning the mic and the air sparking with creativity and zeal made the event a literary enthusiast’s delight.



Potpourri, one of the literary events with the highest turnout, was an amalgamation of several interesting rounds in the prelims and the finals. Each team consisted of three participants. The preliminary round was a written round, with games like Pictionary, Taboo, and Guess The Word, which challenged the participants’ current affairs and pop culture knowledge, vocabulary and lateral thinking. The ‘He Said, She Said’ round, which required participants to deduce movie dialogues using the images provided, brought on collective exclamations of surprise and recognition from the audience when the answers were finally revealed. Blindfolds, snakes and ladders, and lots of laughter is what ensued at the Biochemistry Demo Halls during the finals. Quick thinking and teamwork were the order of the day. All in all, it was an event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.


 – Reported by Vinay Reddy, Sindhuri Sriraman, and Niharika Dixith.

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