A Handy Guide to TechTatva

With TechTatva on the go, there’s so much around to look out for. The fest is a combination of so many thoughts, ideas, and cultures that it makes you want to experience it all for yourself. While each event holds its significance, there are some things that are too good to be missed. Whether you’re a fresher, or an overworked senior who has finally gotten time to experience the fest for the first time, we’re here to help you figure out your way through this four day fiesta.

A: Acoustic Night

All you need after a heavy day of hard work is some good music to soothe your soul. Hours and hours of volunteering, organising and supervising events followed by the strumming of guitar underneath the night sky, what could be better? Acoustic nights end your day on a light, musical note and get you pumped for another day of work. So, what’re you waiting for? Enjoy the live music.

B: Bipolar Weather

Cloudless, spotless, the blue skies will smile down on you with a promising grin. Close your eyes to stay away from the rays of the sun burning through the air, and open it to find chaos. Let hell pour down until the sun comes again to the rescue.
So get under cover, before the rain washes you over!

C: Candids

The essence of TechTatva can best be chronicled through the pictures of students exploring the fest. After all, who wouldn’t want a candid on their Instagram Feed? Be it near the Innovation Centre or at the Student Plaza you’ll never know when you’ll find a photographer, or when a photographer finds you.

D: DJ Nights

For the hard work that each student puts in for the fest, the ‘Informals’ committee organises a DJ night for all the students. It provides the perfect opportunity to take a break and kick back towards the end of the night.

E: Events

TechTatva’s innovative events have been attracting teams from all over the country for the past three years. The success of the fest can be owed to the efforts put in by everyone–having to work tirelessly for almost six months. Covering various aspects of technology and creativity, events bring out the best in the students and encourage young, innovative minds to think outside the box.

F: Food

Food stalls, arguably the most awaited feature about Tech Tatva, not only serve as a great break from your event-filled day but also as a melting pot of people participating in all sorts of events. With Potato Twisters and Shawarmas, the snacks at Tech Tatva always manage to keep the spirit of the fest alive.

G: Graffiti

The graffiti on the walls make walking to class bearable. Apart from taking us on a journey through the past, they also manage to highlight each year’s theme in a splash of colours and creativity. Next time, don’t just walk by, stop and stare at the brainchild of PNP’s all night perm.

H: Half-days

There is nothing better than to be relieved of studies and classes. For the four days that the fest takes place, all classes and labs scheduled afternoon get cancelled. In all honesty, it’s probably one of the many reasons students to look forward to this fest.

I: Imagination

Imagine being in a fest which has more than 80 events and 10L of prize money, that’s what you’re in for. Be it mesmerising events, unforgettable DJ nights or a splendiferously decorated campus, TechTatva brings all your imaginations to life. Imagine greatness, reminisce greatness.

K: Kala Khatta

A palette of colours dances in the eyes of the thirsty, as people make their way through the exit of the academic blocks. This once in a semester feeling of ice cold euphoria is caused by the pursuit of the much loved kala khatta gola, found in the jam-packed stall at each and every fest in MIT, Manipal.

L: Lights

As the sun goes down, the college gets illuminated with the most alluring fairy lights. Just witness how beautiful the sky looks when the light blue colour slowly fades in the golden crepuscule. Walking down the path at twilight is cathartic, and relieving. Indeed, Manipal’s magic is at its strongest between dusk and midnight.


There’s too much going on at TechTatva and too little time to enjoy it all. Don’t worry, we at MTTN are here to keep you updated through Instagram lives and regular updates. Just scroll through our albums or browse through our feed, you might stumble upon a picture or just some relatable content. After all, we are Manipal The Talk Network: the literal talk of the town.

N: Nic

This fest is no fun without our mascot. Nicholas Copernicus, the wide-eyed cat, made a striking entry the night before the The Day, at the student plaza. He stirred up the crowd with his impressive dance moves to the heavy beats. Keep an eye for Nic in the upcoming days; he might be hiding around.

O: Outstation Participants

Such is the spirit of TechTatva, it attracts participants from all across the country. Feel proud as you witness participants from other colleges swamping your campus in anticipation of taking part in various events. This time of the year gives you an opportunity wherein you can interact with students from different institutions with different perspectives. Go on and make new friends, doesn’t hurt to have a few familiar faces around when you venture out to other colleges.

P: Perm

Who doesn’t want extended perm time? Nothing beats the leisure of staying up until the wee hours of the morning while you enjoy roaming on the empty streets within the campus. Staying outside gives you a fake sense of superiority over your blockmates, until you realise the time given to you is actually to work.

Q: Quizzes

Quizzes are always an integral part of any fest. Let that inner Amy out and burn the opponents with your crazy knowledge on every aspect of life. If you think you can work your way with any question, a quiz is an event you should be at.

R: Reminiscing Greatness

As important as it is to keep moving forward, the memories of the past are worth looking back on. For this year’s theme, we honour the greatness of those who have devoted themselves to their passion and taught us that success is not the result of just a day’s work.

S: Stalls

Covering every inch of the academic section, the stalls are constantly buzzing with energy. There is always something to pique the curiosity of ongoing passersby. Be it the competitive games or eye-catching props, they have it all. Don’t forget to check them out!

T: Teamwork

Ranging from the featured events to the mini-games in front of NLH, nothing is possible without the teamwork shown by the volunteers and organizers alike. The participants as well display this ethic in the numerous events. After all, teamwork is the essence of any successful fest.

U: Unexpected

Prepare to expect the unexpected. Maybe you’ll stumble upon someone you never thought you’d meet, or perhaps you might win in the event that’s entirely out of your stream. These four days are sure to be full of surprises.

V: Volunteering

Running around tirelessly trying to get people to register, or sitting for hours at an info desk during the rains– volunteering is a rollercoaster ride. It gives you a better chance of becoming an organiser next year, so that’s a plus. Being a volunteer makes you realise that there is more to it than just perms and food coupons.

W: Workshops

These little educational hubs form the technical framework for the fest. The seminars provide an opportunity to the participants to learn first-hand from the field experts. Each workshop gives a deeper understanding of the continuously advancing technology and the potential for future endeavours.

X: X Marks The Spot

This is not the Pirates of the Caribbean, but a treasure hunt is definitely fun even if you aren’t duelling someone. This is one of the informal events organised for the students. The general protocol of a ‘Treasure Hunt’ is followed wherein clues need to be deciphered, and winning depends on your common sense and technical intellect.

Y: You

This fest is nothing without you. Your praise and acknowledgement for others’ hard work and dedication motivate them to put in their best efforts. At the end of the day, what’s a great show without the audience?

Z: Zorb Fighting

Taking place in front of NLH, a particularly unique feature of this year’s fest is Zorb Fighting. Participants wearing body zorbs and colliding against each other is not something you see every day. It is an opportunity for every student to add another item to their list of adventures.
This is only a miniature-sized guide to the sea of activities that you will come to know, as the fest progresses. From waging robot wars to building cars—TechTatva brings the best brains of Manipal under a single roof. The tech fest of Manipal is like no other—it’s an experience to behold and reminisce forever. Live your college days, be a part of something fun.

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