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The field of Computer Science has undergone a massive transformation with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. As of 2018, AI has managed to reach almost all areas of study, ranging from Healthcare to Transport. Although a difficult topic to grasp initially, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence are plenty.  Students around the world have started dwelling in this area of science over the past couple of years. In Manipal, we have our very own set of talented individuals passionately working on building completely automated and self-aware bots.

Project Manas is one of the largest technical teams in Manipal. They specialize in Artificial Intelligence, specifically its implementation in automated systems. After starting only four years ago, they have come a long way and now boast an impressive array of sponsors backing them up, including Mahindra, Microsoft, and Nvidia. With the launch of their new website, Project Manas’ team hopes to spread the word on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning through blog posts and to keep their followers updated on their current projects and competitions. Here are some features of the website:


Students who can successfully answer the set of questions put up by the Manas team have the chance to enter the Task Phase of Project Manas directly. This is one of the website’s most exciting features.


Students at Project Manas have been working on three fascinating projects. ‘WALL-E,’ their first project is what put the young minds behind this student project in the spotlight. They’re now the only undergraduate team in India to participate in the Mahindra Rise Prize challenge and make it past the preliminary rounds. They’re currently working on their next project- ‘Eve’ and also on another project- ‘Adam’ which is their most innovative project yet. They will be competing against thirteen other teams in the Intel Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC). The reason why ‘Adam’ is so special is that this bot will not be fed any GPS data but will instead have to create its map by analyzing its surroundings.

When asked a member from Project Manas, about why the bots were named Adam and Eve, he said,

“Our two projects are named Adam and Eve because we hope that they will be the first in the line of autonomous bots.”



Students at Project Manas believe that by publishing articles on the website’s blog, they can give everyone a chance to understand the basics of what’s happening in one of the essential parts of science and also initiate discussion among the people who are passionate about this topic.

Upcoming Features

Project Manas’ team plans to create interactive 3D models of their current projects, providing users with an immersive experience with what they’re working on.

You can follow Project Manas’ journey through IGVC and get updates on their projects by visiting their website!



~Written by Sushanth Reddy for MTTN

~Photographs from Google Images

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