Adulting 101: AIESEC’S YouthSpeak Forum

Are you sleeping on your sofa and not magically waking up in your bed? Do you have to visit the doctor by yourself and explain your symptoms to them? Are weekdays slowly becoming a nightmare and the only days you look forward to are Sunday’s? Have you started facing back problems? Well then, congratulations! You are already adulting.

The things listed above are just a tiny aspect of adulting. Adulting includes a range of things, right from doing your taxes, managing your money so that you don’t end up broke halfway through the month, and even buying your own groceries. The real world can be challengingwe have barely faced it, and already so many of us are tired. Turning eighteen comes with hating your alarm clock and a lot of confusion. There’s so much you’re expected to know, without anyone ever telling you what to learn, or how to go about it and that can be scary.

Adulting can be harsh because now your shortcomings are very much visible and you have to either improve or if you can, do a better job at hiding it. There can no longer be any excuses for all the messes that you make. It means not procrastinating on little things cooking dinner on time, paying your bills on the due date, buying coffee before it runs out. And if you do procrastinate, it often means dealing with the consequences on your own. You don’t have anyone to help you all the time. You can’t go around throwing excuses like “oh, my mom will do it” or “it’s fine if I go wrong, I am still learning.” Yes, there is no age to learning, but these apparent menial things are thing you are just expected to know. After all, you can’t just learn a course on life.

Sooner or later you’ll be expected to move out, where you will not have any assistance for help. You will have to look for jobs, work from 9-5 and come home to deal with a different set of tasks. You’ll have to manage your time and make sure you eat, sleep and take care of yourself amidst it all. This might sound monotonous, but it keeps you on your toes. You might have difficult days where “you’d wish you were eight” but you have to get up from your slump and move ahead with your normal life.

Already sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? While we may not be just ready for it, some people know exactly what we are going through. Luckily for us, AIESEC in MAHE is organising a YouthSpeak Forum on 27th September 2020. The theme of the event is adulting, and there will be speakers talking about how the real world is and how we can prepare ourselves for it. The speakers that are invited for this event are Monika Halan, Farrhad Acidwalla and Saptarshi Prakash.

The author of the bestselling book Let’s Talk Money Monika Halan is a Consulting Editor with Mint. Based in New Delhi, she was also a Yale World Fellow in 2011. She is an MA Economics major from the Delhi School of Economics and Journalism Studies major from the University of Wales. She has worked across several media organisations and has run four successful TV series. She also acted as an advisor on the Swarup Committee and a member on the Bose Committee, Sebi Mutual Fund as well as Tark Force of the Financial Redressal Agency.

Farrhad Acidwalla is technology and media entrepreneur, investor, mentor influencer and three-time TEDx speaker. A lawyer by education, he started off as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneur. He has featured in numerous papers and magazines including CNN, CNNMoney, The Times of India and Vogue India. He has been invited as a speaker by prestigious institutes like IITs and IIMs and also the Indian Army. His opinion pieces have been published by the likes of The Economic Times and Asian Age, to name a few. 

In spite of holding two degrees from the prestigious institute, IIT Madras, Saptarshi Prakash chose UX as his profession. He believes problem-solving goes beyond just engineering. He is an Engineer turned Manager turned self-taught Product Designer. He is presently leading the customer design at India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform, Swiggy. Previously he has also been associated with well-known startups of India including Zeta and Saptarshi also takes a keen interest in backpacking and frequently gives design talk to budding students.

The event will be taking place on Airmeet, timings being 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Airmeet provides a feature of Social Lounge where Tables are present. Each Table will have eight people at maximum, and the speakers will be interacting with the audience through these Tables. There will be Q&A session with every speaker. 

You can bid adieu to your headache by registering for this event at

Written by Aakanksha Mantri for MTTN

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