Allons-y 2021: Play a Game for a Cause

The Social Welfare Committee of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal held Allons-y from 20th September to 26th September 2021. It was a week-long fest where participants could play games and win exciting prizes, all while contributing to a noble cause.
Students could choose from an assortment of games and all the proceeds were directed towards “Udaan- The Scholarship Fund” and “Samskriti-The Child Welfare Fund.”

Wheel of fortune
Wheel of fortune is a simple hangman game based on a popular game show originally hosted by Merv Griffin. Three teams gathered at the MST meeting as the new host of the show made sure everyone was audible to her and could see what she was trying to screen-share. The wheel of fortune appeared on the screen when everyone agreed to begin the game. The anchor explained the rules instinctively, all the while making sure everyone was caught up to speed. The wheel had to be spun where it could land on various amounts of dollars. Having money would allow them to buy vowels, and every turn, the team chose a consonant to get closer to the correct answer. If it took too many tries, the chance was passed on to the next team. The chaos of who got to answer first and which letter to choose made everyone giggle and scream. After a very close match between the teams, Team “Star Girls” stole the winning prize and called it a day.

Countdown is inspired by a British game show that involves word and number tasks that mainly consists of three rounds – the Letters round, Numbers round, and Conundrum round. There were two teams per game, with a minimum of two players in each team. The participants showed exceptional skills in terms of speed and accuracy of answers. The opposing teams’ quick-wittedness made each other smile throughout the game. After a cut-throat competition between the teams, Team ISIS stole the winning award with 65 points beating team Ketoconazole, RSS, and Golo Keede by a large margin.

Decrypt your Escape
The Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal organized an online Escape Room event over the instant messaging platform Whatsapp in a truly unique fashion. The participants were required to solve a labyrinthine set of 15 clues. Sent via encrypted Google documents, the puzzles ranged from simple alphanumeric codes to complex ciphers. The quickest teams earned a spot on the leaderboard. With equal parts adrenaline and amusement, the competition successfully brought out the inner detectives of all contestants.

You Laugh, You Lose
The Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal conducted an online Try-not-to-laugh challenge as part of their week-long fest. Unlike other events, this one was devoid of competitive nature. The participants were shown minute-long videos, with the challenge being to sustain a poker face. The atmosphere was rife with excitement as contestants tested their limits of holding back grins to truly hilarious clips. Ultimately, the event left everyone refreshed and in high spirits.

8 Ball Pool
For those missing the familiar click of the cue stick against the ball, 8 Ball Pool was the perfect opportunity to play the same online. A fun game that involves strategy and quick thinking, it provides players a chance to get into the competitive spirit while enjoying themselves at the same time. Matches were held with each player competing for a spot in the next round. It gave players a chance to rewind, relax and take a break from the rush of their daily lives with some breathtaking shots.

Blindfold Conversation
Bored of having the same small talk with people? Blindfold Conversation organized by SWC was the perfect way to meet new people and delve into their passions. It’s an anonymous conversation between two strangers using an alias over zoom with their cameras off. At the end of the session, both the participants are offered the chance to disclose their identities. It was a fun session that ended with gaining new friends and an exciting experience.

Family Feud
A classic family television game brought alive onto zoom screens where friends compete together in teams to guess answers to questions like, “Places you need to be quiet”, “Things in a purse”. It followed the classic family feud format wherein it’s split into multiple rounds and each team gets an opportunity to steal points from the opposing team. It tests how accurately one can guess the others’ answers and is a fun way to compete with friends and earn some bragging rights.

Bringing the popular TV trivia game to Manipal, SWC organized a really fun games night for avid movie and tv show fans. Testing trivia knowledge of shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and many more, teams competed to prove their superior pop culture knowledge. A great game to show off that your late-night binging wasn’t a waste of time, Jeopardy was an entertaining quiz for sure!



Written by Ishita Sharma, Ananya Rudra, Kriti Gopal, and Shivangi Acharya for MTTN
Edited by Shivangi Acharya for MTTN
Images by SWC KMC

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