ArtPod is a student-run organization that intends to cherish culture and values of art. Their first initiative was the exhibition conducted in March 2018 at the Innovation Centre. It served as a platform for artists and photographers from Manipal to display their best work. This year ArtPod is back with another interesting idea of combining coffee and art.

Till a few years back, a café was just a coffeehouse. It was a point for social interaction where people bonded over idle chat. Subsequently, the drift changed. Even though it still serves its basic purpose, several unique ideas have popped out all over the world to make it more interesting and intriguing. One such design is that of an at café where people bond over their passion for art.

Manipal’s first Art café-organized by ArtPod will be conducted on 11th November at Egg Factory. Canvas and paintbrushes will be provided at the beginning- and one could paint and eat simultaneously. The canvas could be taken back as a souvenir. Art is an excellent way to express oneself, it is said to be therapeutic. When combined with food-it is effectual in unwinding from daily life. The café provides the perfect ambience to destress and explore one’s creative side.

With the rising trend of ‘less conversation and more technology’, this initiative can convince youngsters to look away from the digital screen.

Reserve a table by filling the following form, and we’ll send the tickets your way:

Written by- Aneesha Muthuraj

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