Article 19 – Day 3 & 4


Day 3 of Article 19 saw its 7th speaker Saudamni Pandey, Project Coordinator of ComMutiny, conducting an interactive session about the organisation and the concept of a ‘5th space’ for the youth of today.

The casual session set an informal tone right away with an introductory session, asking the audience to represent themselves through a dichotomy. Interactive games like ‘Chinese Whisper’ were also played to showcase the importance of two-way communication. There was also a discussion on how learning happens and it was concluded that it was through participation.

Coming to the crux of the topic, she asked the audience what the problem with the millennial generation was. Impulsiveness, restlessness and ‘communication gap’ were popular options. She then proceeded to ask if anyone “spends time with themselves” and went on to introduce the ‘5th Space’, a place where one channelizes what happens within themselves. The other four ‘spaces’ are family, friends, leisure and education.

Short videos were played throughout the talk. One such video called for more youth representation in the Indian political scenario. Another urged everyone to put love before logic and passion before pragmatism to avoid war and conflict. Purva Pathak, a first-year student from SOC, commented, “Even though the talk was interactive, it did not match (up to) my expectations.”

Express Awards

With the campus decked in color and everyone dressed in their finest clothing, Day 3 of Article 19 drew to a close with Express Awards, the award ceremony for the winners of the fest’s events.

Article 19 is India’s oldest communication fest and this time around, it spanned four days. Various competitions including quiz, photography and instrumental music were conducted during the fest and through online entries. The winners for these events were awarded during the night and were invited to give speeches.

WGSHA (Welcomgroup School of Hostel Management) won ‘Let’s Naacho’, the group dance competition and ‘Mono Acting’ among other contests. The hosts SOC (School of Communication) also won a few awards including Oratorian, the oration contest and the quiz contest. The students of the college showcased their talent though music and dance performances. Moreover, the night witnessed the screening of Kasadaru, the winning short film from Loyola College, Chennai.

The President of the Student Council, Prakash, also addressed the crowd calling the fest “a tradition and celebration of one’s freedom” and mentioned the fest’s solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community during this year’s ally march. He concluded by saying, “Freedom is everybody’s right. Freedom is my right. And freedom is definitely, your right.”

Fun Fair

Do you know that slightly warm, nuzzling feeling you get when you’re confronted by countless strings of twinkly fairy lights?

Article 19’s conclusion to their riotous 4 days of events, Funfair, was built around the theme of Las Vegas, and was a perfect encapsulation of that very sentiment.

With the unabashed and endless party that Las Vegas prides itself on being, Funfair promised (and delivered) us exactly that. The campus was decked out in strings of the aforementioned fairy lights, interspersed with painted paper cups and shiny glass bottles. Taking the Vegas spirit to heart, a section of the lawn was made into a makeshift casino arena, and another was dedicated to a wedding canopy, under which a couple could get ‘married’ if they wished to. In a throwback to their previous event, Platform 9 3/4, there was even a stall selling butterbeer.

With the guests dressed in their fanciest finery and the DJ playing the best music on offer, the evening dissolved into laughter and lively dancing.

Safah Sait, a second year student and one of the organisers of the event, said that working for a month and a half and organising this has been nothing short of a dream, and gushed about how that it’s all paid off since several seniors have told her that out of the three Funfairs that they’ve attended, this has been the prettiest.

– Bhavna S and Anjali Mayne for MTTN

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