Asterion: Day 2

Here’s an Anatomy tidbit; on the side of the human skull, three squiggly lines – the bony sutures – intersect at a point named asterion. On a parallel note, when, one day, three clubs – Cutting Edge (surgery), Tempus Pretioso (emergency medicine) and Justitia (forensic medicine) put their heads together, the first ever academic fest of KMC Manipal sprang forth into existence – Asterion.

EM Skills Workshop: Tempus Pretioso (Latin for “time is precious”), conducted the EM Skills workshop on the second day of the fest. Up in the Simulation Centre on the highest floor of the Health Sciences Library, students stood gathered around six stations. At each station, members from the club demonstrated a particular skill, equipped with dummies to make the experience as close to real life as possible. The members were confident and did a great job providing an in-depth explanation and a step-by-step approach. Once the doubts, if any, were clarified by Dr. Bharath, an emergency medicine doctor from KMC, students practiced the procedures on the dummies for some hands-on learning. Basic life-saving procedures like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, and needle thoracostomy with intercostal drainage (done for threatening conditions in which the space between the layers covering the lungs is filled with excess fluid or air) were taught in detail. Skills like urinary catheterization, arterial puncture, and lead placement for cardiac monitoring, which are routinely used in medical practice, will prove to be invaluable to the students who attended the workshop. Without a doubt, their precious time was well spent, with Tempus Pretioso.

4Oproline: With four back to back clinical skills workshops the Cutting edge team of Asterion fired up an intense session of brainstorming on the second day of the fest. The event started with a briefing about suture materials by the representative of Ethicon. The attendees mostly composing of third and fifth-semester medical undergraduate students were then given a 20-minute demonstration of Lumbar Puncture, insertion of an endotracheal tube, IM and IV injection and simple interrupted sutures in small groups. Each demonstration comprised of a briefing on the theory, precautions, latest techniques and some life hacks. Given that the workshop taught basic skills that are expected of an undergraduate, the participants seemed to have grasped the importance of learning the skill and that too quite well. The interactive teaching skills of the members of the club and the detailed simulation specimens were the lifelines of the workshop. There was also an on the spot, case-based competition for the participants to test their previous knowledge and the efficiency with which they’ve learned the skills at the workshop.

Enigma: Over 30 teams participated in this intriguing game where the students were asked to hunt around the room for clues which would lead them to finally diagnosing the “Mystery Case”. The entire room was set up to resemble different departments of a hospital; such as pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery and many more. With their blood pumped full of adrenaline, each team was given twenty minutes to decipher each clue they were given.

This thriller was put forth by the members of Cutting Edge, who certainly justified the title of their event. It was a fun and innovative way for the students to test their theoretical knowledge. Thus concluded the second day of Asterion 2018

Written by- Niharika Dixith, Vinay Reddy, Rupa Neelakantan, R. Sunita

Photographers- Semanti, Deepak, Nithin

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