Asterion: Day 3

With the dawn of Day 3 of Asterion, the spirit of the participants was sky-high and the thrill of competition gripped everyone. The events of the day were EM Simulation, Trauma Management, Module Presentation, Fastest Brains First Finals and Treasure hunt.

EM Simulation: The sun rose over the Health Sciences library to a full-house of participants at the Simulation centre. They were waiting to test the skills they had learnt at the Emergency Medicine Skills workshop on the previous day. The event started with a briefing by the associate professors from the Department of Emergency Medicine, Kasturba Hospital about the primary survey, adjunct survey, sample survey and secondary surveys. Various investigations and interpretations were briefly introduced to the participants along with the rules for the day’s activities. The students were divided into three batches. The first tried their hands on a low fidelity mannequin with a case of trauma and chest pain. The second batch worked on the more interesting high fidelity mannequin with a case of septic shock. Their entire session was video recorded and later assessed stepwise thereby completing their learning experience.

Trauma Management: A workshop conducted the by students along with the staff at the Department of Orthopaedics and casualty, this is one for the history books. This event was all about managing patients in situations outside the hospital. Spiced with relatable analogies and real-life experiences, participants were made to perform a plethora of procedures ranging from C-collar application to log rolling, sling-swathe and more. The last event was a fun competition, concluding the morning session on a high.

Module Presentation: With Day 3 of Asterion 2018 underway, the Module Presentation was the first event of the afternoon. The teams assembled in the Ground floor of the Interact building, eagerly waiting to set the stage on fire. The teams were given topics prior to the event and they were expected to make presentations on the same. They would be judged on the basis of the quality of their presentation, their delivery and their teamwork. All the teams put their best foot forward, each one trying to outdo the other. The result was an educative yet entertaining session on the pathogenesis, clinical features and management of medical conditions such as Anaphylaxis, Pulmonary Thromboembolism and Aortic dissection. The judge for the event was Dr Sharath Madhyastha from the Department of General Medicine, KMC Manipal.

Treasure Hunt: Asterion’s Treasure Hunt had the usual clues which lead participants to different locations, but with a twist; they were written in a poetic form incorporating medically based hints. 46 teams comprising of 2-3 people racked their brains trying to figure out clues that took them all around the Health Sciences Campus. The teams had to identify the diagnosis for a condition or disease and the next location from the information written in the clue. They were led to 10 different stations in total, which began and ended at the Interact Lecture Halls. When asked why this treasure hunt was different, a participant said “The clues made us apply our medical and surgical knowledge, it wasn’t like the treasure hunts we had seen in movies or read in novels. This adventure really had a KMC feel to it!” The treasure hunt lasted for about 2 hours, and at the end of it the winners were:

1st Place

Sahil Sahay, Jayati Gupta, Shalvika Gupta

2nd Place

Yashaswini, Anusha, Niharika

3rd Place

Arundhati Prasad, Nithin Davuluri, Ashwin Jitheesh


Written by: Vinay, Rupa, Rohan, Shrey, Sriya.

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