Begin Again: The Manipal Project


I’m the rain which breaks you
I’m the rain that wakes you
I’m the thunder in the city’s drains
I’m twelve miles of running beyond the callous state of pain.

I’m the morning hooter that goes off at eight
I’m the spilled tea on a butter smeared plate
I’m the sound of footsteps in a bustling academic block
I’m the last child, running late for a class.

I’m the montonicty of a routine
I’m the dog dozing off in the middle of a street
I’m the faux brick wall, my body a mere glass shed
I’m the gravel in your shoe, on a dreary humid day.

I’m lost umbrellas and a picture of my first friend in college
I’m promises of staying together, and the first trip to a burning beach
I’m the September wind, I’m the first sip of a hard drink

I’m laughter and tears, I’m the missed calls from home
I’m Pink Floyd on a cheap speaker, I’m the weekend at 3 a.m in a smokey corridor.

I’m hums and hymns, I’m love with all its strings
I’m a crowd with no face, I’m chlorine on a kerb maze.
And if you happen to look back at all the chapters you ever wrote
Dont forget me, was it worth all the pain?
Let me ask you my love
Are you ready to begin again?

– Peeyush Chauhan and Nishant Sahoo for MTTN.


Peeyush Chauhan

I like milk, apples, and lots of free time in order to do nothing on purpose. I like the way words work, and how you can play around with them to create a pretentious bio.

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