Bingeyard: Comfort on Wheels

A restaurant on wheels, with a truckload of delicious food

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Bingeyard but in no way affects the authors’ opinions.

It’s almost impossible to miss this quirky blue truck. Resonating with comfort, the bright colours and the rather exciting menu set a very cozy vibe. 

‘Bingeyard’ was the brainchild of Shalini Pallikila a WGSHA graduate. She dreamt of opening a café, here in Manipal. Alas, she wasn’t able to find the right space, and it just didn’t work out. She came up with the idea of a food truck, a concept that was yet unknown to Manipal. Along with a few of her friends, some of whom had started the well-known India Rides, she began the process of building her truck. The truck first opened service onJanuary 19th, 2018 to eager students near TAPMI. As word spread, she decided to park the vehicle at MIT during Revels’18, which was their first big break. From there, the business has taken off rather well, with regular customers coming in.

However, the road wasn’t without its potholes. She cites parking as one of the main issues. Initially parked at KC on weekends, she faced backlash from competing eateries in the area. The lack of laws governing food trucks, coupled with the issue of permission led the truck to wander many places around Manipal. Recently though, she has acquired a space just outside AB-5. She’s looking forward to installing a small seating area for customers who’d like to spend some time and enjoy their food at the truck. Although she is the chef and mastermind behind Bingeyard, she gets a lot of help from Ex-Manipalites and current students as well, who work here part-time. She calls Bingeyard a‘student-run’ business. With their input, she can read the Manipal atmosphere and tell what the ‘tasty food’ deprived students are craving. Her long-term goal is to provide well-priced comfort food, a place where people can go and just binge.

Coming to the food, we first tried the vegetarian Pizza Sandwich, as recommended to us by our chef. True to its word, it tastes just like everyone’s favourite comfort food, pizza. One bite and you can immediately relish all the elements – a copious amount of cheese, tangy pizza sauce, and classic Italian oregano. This is the kind of sandwich that you’ll finish before you can even comprehend it, leaving you wondering where it all
disappeared. Toasted just the right amount, this sandwich is guaranteed to satisfy all and any cravings.

The Saucy Fries were not as remarkable, yet still did its job as a comfort food staple. Although they weren’t as saucy as we’d have liked them to be, the fries were salted and cooked to perfection. Beware though; one serving will satisfy only one person, so order accordingly.

 We were sold when Chef Shalini mentioned that the Vegan’s Nightmare would have bacon in it. Bingeyard is one of the very few places here in Manipal to serve genuine bacon. With generous amounts of meat (but unfortunately not enough bacon) and the right amount of cheese along with other classic condiments, this sandwich is an explosion of flavour. This wholesome snack is cited as a crowd favourite.

Unlike other eateries, Bingeyard’s Cold Coffee has just the right amount of sweetness. Not too bitter, not too sweet, this is the perfect drink to help you get through Manipal’s humid weather. There was nothing to fault, except for the size of the glass it was served in. We just couldn’t get enough of this!

Bingeyard is the place to go for a quick snack, to satisfy those random, unwarranted cravings. It is guaranteed to leave you feeling more than satisfied. Even though it may not be the best comfort food in town and not the obvious choice for a good old binge, the small, brightly-coloured truck will fulfil its promise of comfort. The friendly staff, reasonably priced menu, and the quirky truck itself make this one a must-try.

You can find them opposite Manipal Liquor House, near the AB5 gate from 4:30 PM to 10PM.

~Reviewed by Nidhi Rao and Janice Coutinho for MTTN

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