Very rarely do you have such a large turnout and even larger amount of enthusiasm for an academic based quiz. But not in the case when you have the best quizmasters conducting it!

The Quizzes began with the preliminary round of Emergency Medicine Quiz. It was conducted by Dr. Naman Aggarwal of AIIMS, New Delhi (from the Department of Emergency Medicine) and his colleagues. It was essentially an MCQ based quiz with different case scenarios and interesting trivia. At the end of it, there were 4 finalists who qualified for the main quiz on 17th September.

This was soon followed by the Pre and Para Medical quiz conducted by none another than Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, who has always put together the best quizzes over the past few years across medical colleges in South India. His out-of- the-box questions coupled with his innate style and dry humour made the entire quiz an enjoyable affair, both for the participants and the audience.

All the rounds conducted were interesting, but the “Watch your Back” round was indeed the most entertaining. A sort of dumb charades, it was more fun to watch the teams goofing up and making mistakes in the course of the round.

All in all, it was a great evening with both quizzes. The winning team scored an astounding 365 points, followed by the runners up at 135 points.

FIRST PLACE: Niranjan, Sufyan, Rashmi

SECOND PLACE: Raksha, Ramakrishna, Shivam

THIRD PLACE: Divyanshu, Arushi, Sidhartha

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